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Extended Family pictures in the Bluebonnets

A mom and dad with two grown daughters, who have started families of their own. I was contacted by the daughter below, who come to find out…we have a common friend from way back to my high school days!

It was slightly tricky to get the group shot above with the height variations.  The husband and wife team are respectively 6 foot 7 and 4 foot 11…as seen below.

AND, once I got there, another coincidence that the man below, managed some contract work done on my home 2 years ago–we go WAY back!

These kids were so stinkin’ cute…I just love the mischievous smiles…

There you have it!  Shoot #1 of 4 in 3 days last week…

My family in the Texas Bluebonnets

I don’t necessarily take my kids out every year to capture them in the bluebonnets, because the novelty of those lovely flowers wore off of me a few years ago. I mean, one can hardly tell that this picture in 2004: 

Is taken a year after this picture in 2003:

(Both taken with my film slr camera, as is.  Scanned the prints today)

One must look closely at my hair and fuller face (6 months after baby) and my boys sleeves to know they aren’t the same time frame.

That was the last time we did it as a family. I broke the current cardinal rule of not being matchy matchy, and wore all white tops and tan bottoms both years!  What was I thinking?  I should have at least worn something slightly different to differentiate the years. Then another year or two later, I put my daughter in pale lavendar with my boys in white, when my older daughter was almost one.

Guess who wasn’t saying NO to Auto then??? Something happened in a year because my photography improved (I went full Manual), but my editing left a little something to be desired.

Just before age 2 with the pettiskirts: 

Then a year later… 

I recently pulled this outfit out of a bin in the attic for my youngest.  I thought it would be fun to try to immitate these shots, since the bluebonnets are out, and all. So we went for a family outting to a field nearby, and we took some shots.

It was pretty much impossible to pose my little one the same way we did with her big sister a few years ago…even though we (my older daughter and I) tried. So here are just a bunch of fun shots we took…while my boys watched but mostly explored the woods around us.

Does she look like her big sister?

Below, I asked her to put her hands in her pockets and she went looking for them…then dad stepped in to guide her….then she got it and looked whistfully in the distance…

Big sister practicing some shots while giving instruction. Notice the backwards shirt–we do that a lot, as needed.

Immitating herself, 4 years before…


When I was editing these images, I found myself talking to her (the images) in the baby voice I use when I just can’t get enough of her cuteness. She is my baby, after all…

The End.

The Texas Bluebonnets

The bluebonnets just weren’t that great this year.  Last year, they were lush…this year, not so much. My friend Amy asked last minute if I could run out and grab some pics of her kids in them (we do a trade–she is a handy seamstress–and I asked her last minute to make a window treatment, so we do that for each other).  We went, though it was the very tail end of their vibrancy in a very slow year. The kids had fun color coordinated outfits and we got some great individuals.  The group shot was a bit tougher to come by….;) all done.

Family with a touch of bluebonnets

Spring is in the air, and so are the bluebonnets in Texas…though more sparse than in years past. We found a very small patch and took a few shots in it.  I am just SO happy the the leaves are coming back to the trees–it was a gorgeous evening!

Do you recognize the red headed cutie in this family?  It’s Carly-Will from my previous post.  Her mom also wanted family portraits, so we scheduled a different day to do that.  Her younger sis in a sophomore and we were already discussing taking her senior portraits in a few years with her horse.  Ooo, sounds fun!  Here is a little sneak peek for this family;)

 Happy spring, indeed;)

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