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Giveaway #5 winner and My Vintage Milk Jug Can step by step

I’m losing this crowd with the giveaways….I’ll stop, I promise!  The winner for the local giveaway, which is a mini portrait session and 10 prints is……ERIN LUGO in Pflugerville!  Erin–email me!!!  Trust me on the, I had to separate the local/far away comments and then count.  All other locals that commented and then book a session will get $25 off  a session fee plus a free mini accordian album with print purchase.

The winner of the “out-of’-town” landscape print is….LIZ H.!!!  Contact me and let me know which landscape print you’d like;)  Other out of towners–if you can gather 5 friends to book a full session, I’d make a weekend trip out of it…let me know!

Now, I’ve got other news that my crafting with the stars days are over, and I must say, it is a relief.  When I randomly submitted my batty wall art at the end of September, I looked at the dates and laughed because it is THE craziest time of the year for me!  Surely, I wouldn’t be selected.  But I was, and I was happy to make it to the second round…but I am totally fine to be done, and will enjoy watching to see who wins it all!  Here is how I transformed my fun milk can–I’ve been planning to do this project for months and so glad I had a deadline to finish it! Lorie from Be Different…Act Normal (check out that linky, L!) was SO fantastic to work with, and I’ve found a new local friend;)  You know how you ask a friend for an opinion and they say…”whatever, either will work” but what you really wanted was an answer one way or another? Someone to speak the truth?  She is someone who would tell me if I had broccoli in my teeth or if I asked if the dress made me look chubby, she’d tell me.  She had specific opinions in the crafts I made, and I LOVE that!  Truly a crafting star in my book!  From just one get together (with many calls and emails), I can tell that about her.  I like that in a friend.  Her blog is so fun to read because she searches over 2000 blogs (she told me) to find the best stuff and shares it.  All my style, all up my crafty ally.  Thanks, Lorie!

Now, my milk can…

I love acorns and I wanted to incorporate them somehow into decorating this milk jug.

 After–sprayed and fancified

 Glued acorns to a frame…

My hubby really thought I should enter his “acorn man”  into the contest.  Gotta say, they do have character!

Happy November!  We’ve got about 25 people coming into town this weekend for the baptism of my son.  Really, I’m ok to put crafting aside for a bit:)

Giveaway #3~Just Jenny’s Crochet

This gal does great work, and I love handmade items!  She crocheted a bunch stuff for me last winter for this family photo shoot.  CLICK HERE to see lots more.  I had very specific coloers in mind, and I wanted each item to be just a bit different.  Jenny was very open to my crazy ideas.  She made the hats, my scarf, daughters gloves, and cute cute baby shoes.  Check out her other stuff at Just Jenny’s Crochet


 Jenny has offered up a colorful flower scarf for my busini-versary giveaway #3!  She took these pics and will mail the package directly to the winner next week.  Perfect “get ready for winter” item. Here are a few shots:


On her blog, she is doing an October special, giving away the cutest crocheted turkey…go check it out!   Also, a special discount will be given to those who comment here and don’t win…

Chatty Walls Winner

I really wish everyone could win, but selected comment #5–Carrie!

Carrie said:

I’d love my baby girl’s name for her room. Her big sister Charley got her name in vinyl on her wall in her big girl room before her baby sister Andie was born – see we didn’t find out what we were having. Now that we have our 2nd little girl – she needs her name on her wall too.CONGRATS ON 7 YEARS!!Hopefully my business will continue…and be as successful as yours!! Thanks again for the help with my questions on the flash for the baptism.

Email me to claim your prize!

For everyone else, go to Chatty Walls and place your order.  Tell them you found them through Kristen Duke and receive 15% off your order.  I’d love to see what you end up getting!

Check back on Friday for Giveaway #2 in my 7 year Busini-versary month!

7 year Busini-versary!~A month of giveaways…starting with Chatty Walls

I just made up that word….busini-versary. Today, October 1st, marks 7 years that I’ve been a business!   Just 7 years ago Kristen Duke Photography was born.   Seven years ago, I had my minolta film camera, and asked a friend if I could photograph her family (for free) and then after that, I had a few jobs lined up (for pay).   Here is the portrait of my friend and her family at the Austin Botanical Gardens:

 After that, I had my first paid job, I charged $50 and used 2 rolls of film ($10ish), developed it ($10ish) and with my profit, I giddily bought myself a pair of black heels ($25).  Just a year out of grad school, we pinched our pennies.  This money that I made was golden.  Though I don’t still wear those shoes, I can’t get rid of them because they remind me where I started, and how far I’ve come.  I have learned sooooooooooooooooo much in the past 7 years.  Many hours, many tears, late night resarch, money spent, and support from family and friends along with way have brought me where I am today.

So for the month of October, I will be  posting a giveaway each Friday.  The giveaways have something to do with portraits.  So check back each Friday and comment to enter!

Without further ado,  I introduce CHATTY WALLS

I am in love with vinyl lettering.  I have several projects in the works, and Chelon from Chatty Walls has been so great to work with!  I gave her my ideas and she sent me a digital sample mock up of what it would look like.  Their site has many many suggestions, fonts, and colors to choose from. I had specific ideas in mind, but going to their site, I have even more ideas!  They can do artwork as well.  I love how organized their site is, and full of ideas!

I especially like to put vinyl on boards like this:

  Or adhere them to a tile with an easel like this:

 Or just directly on the wall as a decoration like this:

 OR, you could even make your own frames (think Christmas gifts!)

Chatty Walls has graciously offered their “Family Is…”  Kit as our first giveaway.  This isn’t just one vinyl wall word, but a bunch of words that you can display in a grouping with wall portraits. LOVE IT!!!  If you’ve been around my blog, you know about my passion for decorating with portraits.     All the words above are in the kit, and then you sprinkle them around your family portraits.

To enter:

1. Check out Chatty Walls  (and the blog if you want more ideas)

2. Come back  here and leave a comment on what you’d like to see in your home (besides “family is…”).

This ends Tuesday at 5pm Central, winner announced Wednesday.

P.S. If you are a skeptic who thinks you won’t win…I hear that by leaving a comment, those that don’t win will get a discout:)