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Extended Family Pictures~My fam!

Over Thanksgiving holiday, my parents, 3 brothers, and our families all met up at a beach house near Port Aransas, Texas. It’s so fun to all be together, and the weather was so lovely! Probably 70-80 degrees, so our kids got to play in the water and enjoy it, too. I’m the designated family picture taker, so I suggested the color scheme of red, yellow, and blue, and it turned out great! I brought my tripod, set it up, and for the first shot above, asked a kind lady who was reading a book to come push the button about 50 times. I still had to do 4 head swaps for the image above.  If you want ideas on how to work an dressing for an extended family photo shoot, I did a post on that a while ago, HERE.

For the shot with the trucks below, I took a bunch without my hubby and me, then left the tripod in the same spot (so it would be easier to match up in photoshop later) and then someone took a few with my hubby and I hugging to the side. I actually did a quick match up here, and am going to have to re do it!  My brothers had trucks to match our colors, so I thought it would be fun to have them in a shot (funny enough, my mom has a yellow car, but it was 4 hours away).

Below, we were trying to mimmick a shot of the 4 of us at my brother’s wedding (them holding me) and I told them to laugh–they went for the exuberant laughter….which made me laugh for real.

All of these images were taken with my 35mm lens or my 85mm lens. 35mm for big family shot and 85mm for small family shots. LOVE them both!
I found the 18 inch beach balls HERE and the 12 inch beach balls HERE.