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Peanut Butter Cup Brown Butter Bars

My friend Jaime made some cookies recently that were so yummy, I just had to get the recipe. They are called Brown Butter Sugar cookies, and I seemed to remember seeing something about them on the web from one of my blogging friends. It sounded curious, and I was excited to make them myself!  I added a little twist, so today I bring you Peanut Butter Cup Brown Butter Bars.

Baking brown butter treats at home

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Rocky Road Fudge Bars

My friend Tamiel introduced me to these Rocky Road Fudge Bars recipe over 4 years ago. We had both just given birth to our 4th child, and we liked to treat ourselves to delicious  lunches, while watching Cake Boss together. She was in the middle of whipping this up when I got there, and my first glance, I wasn’t overly excited because I don’t LOVE marshmallows and I don’t prefer too much chocolate in my treats–too rich for me. Once she finished them and they chilled, I did the most gracious thing I could think of, and offered a nibble (they did start to look pretty appealing). Then I took another bite, then a bigger bite, then had seconds…and thirds. I was in heaven. The dense, texture, deliciousness has become one of my most favorite desserts to make.

Rocky Road Fudge Bars

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3 ways to use Wilton Mint Drops

Have you heard of mint non pareils or Wilton mint drops? They have turned into one of my favorite little snacking treats! You may have seen them in a candy dish at weddings. In fact, I’ve had a hard time finding them, but have found success in the wedding aisle at Michael’s craft store. I first became enamored with this sweet delicacy a year ago at a conference. There was a candy dish filled with the giant Non Pareil Assorted Mint Chocolate, (the base is the size of a nickel).

I had a little baggie filled with them , and I snacked on them throughout the day. They are white chocolate and minty, with a bit of texture from the sprinkles. I’ve since found the mini size, Wilton’s Mint drops

I decided I wanted to try them in a few of my favorite recipes, and I’m here to say:  they turned out quite delightfully!

3 ways to use Wilton mint drops besides just snacking on them. #cookies

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