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Summer Fun chart

Summer is upon us, and I see people pinning checklists and activities like crazy, in hopes that us mothers will have memorable activities with our kids that include skipping and holding hands on a daily basis along with ZERO electronic time. Who needs electronics when we have each other?!?  In all truth, I LOVE summer!  I am not one of those lamenting that the end of the year is upon us, because I actually get excited to hang out with my kids and do whatever we want. But if I don’t have a plan, summer will slip through my fingers and I will have missed out on the opportunity to play with my kids. When my oldest finished kindergarten, I came up with the SUMMER FUN JAR. I made a super long list of activities, games, research topics, treats, & outings. We picked out 5 a week, but sometimes it was 5 outtings and it was just exhausting! We did this for a few years, and I never figured it out….

But I’ve decided if something is going to happen whether losing weight, exercising, or family fun, you have to MAKE A PLAN!!! So this is my simple plan.  I figure it covers 2-3 hours each day (roughly) and with our morning gym time, afternoon down time, shorter pool visits, and some electronics thrown in (lets be real) we’ve got the days covered.

{I don’t have a download, but if you’d like to right click and save this, then insert it into a word document, feel free to print it out}

If you want some ideas for something fun to do, check out my fun with kids pinterest page. I’ll keep adding to it. I also plan to implement the summer snacking agenda I introduced last summer.

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  1. love this! i just made up a summber bucket list for my family. :)

  2. This is so wonderful! I am definitely printing one off for our home!

  3. We do a Summer Bucket List every year, and this year, we added the other seasons too. I make sure the list is a good mix of things that are free (yay!) and things that might not be. We haven’t done this year’s Summer list yet (still one more month of school to go), but last year’s ideas are here. Can’t wait!

  4. Heather W. says:

    We are thinking along the same lines. My pinterest board on Kid Activities is brimming and ready to go for summer – thanks for your ideas! Especially the summer snacks, kids always want to eat.

  5. super cute Kristen! ok, because i love you, i have to share this with you… please don’t take offense! when using that font, make sure you capitalize the first letter to close off the little cursive swoopy thing, and then at the end of the word, type a ^ symbol to close off the last letter’s cursive swoopy thing. i love this font and use it often, and so i just had to share with you! xoxo

  6. such great ideas!!

  7. This is awesome. I need to make one of these for my toddler, since every day is summer with her and the baby. :)

  8. k… i think i like mondays and fridays the best. haha. your schedule looks like fun and is getting me even more excited for june.

  9. Love this Kristen! A *plan* for summer…now that is something I’ve never tried. Maybe we’ll give it a go this year! Thanks for the inspiration!

  10. Oh how I love this!!! This is sooo great. I love your logic with the Monday activity, I’m totally going to do that! :) There’s so many fun things to do over the summer. I love all your ideas. I think I’ll add a library day to our summer schedule too. My kids will love you (er…. me) for this idea.

    Ok, and because I really really love you…. and I know its mutual (jk), I have to tell you that you have a typo. I KNOW! I’m a geek. This is like the 5th comment I’ve left to someone in blogland to tell them. But I know if it were me, and it was a printable that people were pinning, I’d want to know too! Ok, its just teeny. Just the word “museum.” Ok I’m getting out of here love you BYE!!!

    • Kristen Duke says:

      ugh, typo’s! Thanks for telling me…I really should go in and fix that…but will I? MUSEUM–typo’s really do make one look “un-intelligent”!

  11. ps- LOVE what you said about looking forward to having your kids home all summer. I feel the same way! I’m crying already that my little Reese is going to start full day 1st grade next fall. wah!

  12. Suzanne says:

    I like the fact that you have a plan for summer that allows for breathing!