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Spring Break adventures

As much as I like sharing what’s on my mind, I think sometimes I share too much. I’m too “un-guarded” and I regret things that I say. From my post two weeks ago, I published it, and for several hours felt an uneasy feeling about one of my bullet points. About 2-3 hours later, I went in and edited it and felt satisfied that probably not too many people saw it because the daily email hadn’t gone out yet announcing that it was published. I then heard from a friend or two, and felt mortified that indeed, it was read. Oops. I don’t ever want to come across whiny or complaining, or seeming like I’m fishing for complements or something. So bear with me!  Here is a quick re-cap of our last week:

      • We had our Spring Break last week, and since we too our Family Cruise in January, we had a low key break. My grandparents came for a visit, maybe you read their love story I shared. My kids enjoyed hearing stories, and my youngest loved her great grandpa’s undivided attention.
      • great grandparents visit
      • Took my kids to the Texas state capital to fulfill my sons scout requirements. My grandparents came along, as well as my friend and her kids. After, we went to the Big Top Candy Shop and tried some chocolate covered bacon. What do you think gramps thought about it from this picture?

    • chocolate covered bacon
  • My husband took off a few days from work, and we went camping. I love the idea of camping, prepping for it usually isn’t too fun, but once we get there, it’s so nice to be out in nature. I got to sleep on a cot, so I actually got a good nights sleep!
  • camping adventure
  • I had two girls nights out over the weekend–rarety for me in general, but two nights in a row? Friday I had dessert with two of my local friends, and we stayed up chatting ’til after midnight.  I love getting to know my friends on a more personal level, and things just start coming out when it gets late!!!
  • Then the next night, I caught up with one of my oldest friends. I knew her at age 5 in Houston, moved away to New Orleans, and moved back to Houston at 15. All through high school and college, we had many adventures. She’s now an FBI agent, still looking for her husband. Even though our lives are quite different, it’s so great to catch up each time I see her!
  • I got an awesome new iPad case from I had a SNUGG for my iPad mini already, and a very loose and annoying case on the iPad. This one fits so SNUGGLY! Before, my iPad would slosh around inside the case, and it was annoying.

snugg ipad case ipad cover

Kristen Duke

Kristen Duke

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Kristen Duke
Kristen Duke
Kristen Duke
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  1. Heather. says:

    You grandpas face is hilarious in that picture! How was the chocolate bacon? Sounds very strange!

    • Kristen Duke says:

      It is pretty funny, isn’t it? The choco bacon wasn’t so bad…I don’t think I crave it though!

  2. Your camping trip looks so fun! We need to do that sometime, but I’m a wimp!

  3. Oh the fun adventures! Love that iPad cover, too!

  4. Love your grandpa’s face!! Hysterical!! Glad you had a great time on your spring break and got to enjoy your family!!

  5. KJ,

    I think kids like camping not only because they are out in Nature but also because there are fewer distractions and pretty much they get their parent’s full attention. So glad that you had fun.

    Love ya’ so much.