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Soccer Party on a Golden Birthday

This year was my son’s Golden Birthday. He turned 10 on the 10th–gold. Growing up, my husband and his siblings got a golden gift on their golden birthday–he got a golden eagle on his 9th birthday. I didn’t hear about that for my oldest, who had his golden birthday on his first birthday, but I started it with #2. I spray painted a soccer ball gold, and it was the centerpiece at the soccer table, and I sprinkled in a few other gold items with the green and black theme.

I have to give a HUGE shout out to Lindi Haws from Love the Day.  She made the AMAZING printables you see here (banner, papers in the frames, drink labels, donut flag toppers, gift bag tag). She created them just days before the party, and I wasn’t able to use half of what she sent me because I just ran out of time!  If you are throwing a party, contact Lindi, tell her your vision, and she will create custom printables for you. I had never used printables before, but they really help guide my party decor and truly saved me!  Check out her printable themes here that she has done for previous parties.

Last year I didn’t do any fun themes for my boys birthday parties. They said they just wanted to play sports with their friends in the backyard, and it wasn’t even just one sport. I had a hard time thinking of something to convince them to do with a theme, so I just gave up and didn’t really try. They had an enjoyable party at home, but I was disappointed in myself that I didn’t make it more visually memorable for them. Maybe it’s just me, but I want them to have something tangible (like a theme with cake or decor) to help them differentiate each year they turn/each party they have. It’s the memory preserver in me. When they just played sports in the backyard with their friends–in my mind–it wasn’t any different than any other day and–in their minds–I want them to remember their birthdays different from other days–special days just for them.

I got similar answers this year when I’ve asked the boys about their birthday parties (I do parties every year, I know everyone doesn’t, but I think people only get ONE day all for themselves all year, why not celebrate each year?) that they just wanted to play sports in the yard with their friends. #2 has his birthday first (#1 is 3 weeks later) and he said he wanted a donut cake. Our local bakery does a Texas sized donut, and years ago I used that surrounded by donut holes for his brothers “cake.” Ever heard of Round Rock Donuts?  They’ve been featured on national food shows, and they are right down the street–the. best. donuts. ever. I was also so excited to hear our local grocery store (HEB) did custom frosting on donuts–I had to get green and orange!

I found lots of soccer wrapped candies, bouncy balls, and hackey sacks at PartyCity. I also got the green treat bags, soccer candles, and plates there. The green giant gumballs I got there a  2 years ago for Halloween decor, and grabbed those from my mantel at the last minute. The boys were bummed not to be able to eat them, but they were old…and my decor, so I said no. Who knows what 2 year old gumballs will do to a digestive system?

I must not neglect to mention the tablecloth grass!  I borrowed it from a friend who got it at a local turf supply store a while ago–it was SO fun to have as a type of field!  My girls thought it was so soft.

This was my last minute addition to make “kabobs” out of some donut holes. Green gumballs to hold down the foam below.

Love this handsome boy.  He thought it was pretty cool…even if he didn’t voice those actual words;)

Here are the soccer players (I have a hard time limiting numbers when it is at our home, but hubby  mentioned it was a touch crazy at times…)

Of course, I had to get on a referee’s uniform…my new green jeans came in quite handy.

Thought it didn’t seem windy outside, the candles wouldn’t light!  I asked on facebook while at the grocery store if I should get the number “10″ candles or 10 candles, and went with the majority–10 candles. I was surprised people had such passion about the topic!

We stepped inside for the official candle blowing out

And in case you didn’t get enough different angles of the party with the above pictures, here are 2 more to close this post with:


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  1. waw you are a great mom.. I love the colors, and donuts ..bottles with juice.. perfect.. and your outfit is matching :)

  2. awesome! i love it all – especially your green jeans! xoxo
    shari recently posted..Sweet Pea turns 1My Profile

  3. So cute! I love it all! I have to say just one thing… You and your son look EXACTLY alike! Especially in the above picture. You both have the EXACT same expression LOL! Priceless.

    Jourdan (:

    • Kristen Duke says:

      That’s always fun to hear–especially because everyone says my kids look like my husband! But my mom says they look like me…;)

  4. Jacqueline says:

    Whoa, that is a LOT of kids to have at a birthday party. I teach first grade, and when I watch kids bounce out of school all wired up at the prospect of going to a birthday party, I understand why some parents are intimidated by birthdays. The nice part about large numbers, though, is nobody has to feel left out!
    I’ve never heard of a golden birthday before – pretty neat.
    And soccer is a fun theme for a 10 year old boy.

    • Kristen Duke says:

      Yes, there was some bouncing off of….well…everything! The Golden b-day is kindof a fun mention, I’ll do anything for a memory for my kids childhood!

  5. What a great party! My daughter turns 13 on the 13th next year (I wonder if it is a Friday?) and she plays soccer so I may be stealing many of these ideas!! Thanks! ;)

    • Kristen Duke says:

      How fun!!! I bet Lindi could swap out colors if you wanted other than green for printables…please send pics if you do similar things, that would be fun!

  6. Kristen… how fun! You did an awesome job with the party… come and do my daughters sweet 16 in a couple weeks :)

  7. LOVE it! Everything turned out so cute! That grass tablecloth pulls it together perfectly! Pinning, right now. :)
    Mariel recently posted..DIY Transform Tea Cup with Baking Clay ~ Fun Craft Project! (she: Trish)My Profile

  8. I LOVE all the details. Looks like he had a lot of fun! :)

    On another note, totally stealing the idea of a golden birthday. Thank GOODNESS my kids haven’t hit theirs yet.

  9. This is fantastic! Great job, Mom! This one will definitely be a party he remembers.

  10. ha love your matching outfit!

  11. Love the referee outfit. A little extra effort goes a long way I think!

  12. Yay! So super cute Kristen! Thank you for letting me be apart of this fun party!
    Lindi recently posted..Frankenstein Crafts, Treats & Cakes!My Profile


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