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SNAP! Recap: Social Media blog conference

Where oh where to begin to re-cap my 4 day weekend away at the SNAP! blog conference at Thanksgiving Point in Utah?  I was delighted and humbled that I was asked to be a speaker and lead a few discussions on photography.  The ladies running the conference were a handful of women that I admired:  some I had met in real life–some I had only read their sites as they updated. Here are some of my new friends that I actually teared up as we parted ways…

{Color coordinated without even planning it: Me, Jess at Craftiness is Not Optional, Kirstin at Kojo Designs, Heidi at Sew.Craft.Create., Kate at See Kate Sew}

So I shall begin my re-cap, keep focused my friends. I loaded just over 1,000 images and narrowed it down to my top 77, and then had to cut that down more!

I was happy that my local friend Lorie (she blogs at Be Different, Act Normal) also decided to go, then I didn’t have to go into the conference all alone. We drove to the airport together, flew together, roomed together but at the conference we had varying things going on and were often in different directions. Sadly, this is the only picture I have of us, as we waited in the Austin airport for our flight.  We roomed together with another Austin girl, as well.

Here are some pics of me and just SOME of the new friends I met (warning the Charlie’s Angels pose might be repeated a few times):


Heidi @ Sew.Craft.Create, Kirstin @ kojo-designs, and myself became quite tight…we went to most classes together, ate together, roamed together…Heidi & meMy long lost sisters from Eighteen25 I did a little shoot with The Crafting Chicks, and this one just makes me smile!

Above with KoJo & Heidi is my roommate Hilde from Beehive & Birdsnest.  We liked to keep telling strangers that we slept together because we shared a bed. She is super sweet and from Austin, too.  I met her a few weeks before the conference, just enough time to share a bed with someone, right? She’s really funny.
New friends from the left:  Jodie from Eighteen25 & I thought we needed a buddy shot with our colorful jeans on together. To the right/middle is me with the Ohio girls: Rach from Family Ever After and Ashley from Mommy by Day, Crafter by Night.  I had some email correspondence with them months before, so we weren’t complete strangers when we met. On the right in black and white is Amy from The Idea Room–who I owe SO much of my blogging love to.  She introduced me into this bloggy world, asked me to join her for a while, and was a part of the team leading the conference.  Sadly, our conversation was limited due to her business, but we still got in a good squeeze! (click on her name for the snap recap link party if you want to see what others write about the conference). Bottom middle is Suzette from Cozette Couture (amazing girls headbands) and then Tam from Sew Dang Cute Crafts who runs the Crafting with the Stars competition I was in a few years ago. She also came to my Utah workshop last summer.

Top right is kojo, heidi, and & suzette again (this was RIGHT after we met just after registration), left middle is myself with Ana @ (formerly Knock Off Wood).  We did some fun collaborating during the trip;) Bottom left is Desiree from The 36th Avenue. She shared a GREAT story on starting her blog a year ago, I really hope she shares it on her site. She’s from the Canary Islands and we have a common friend/family member connection here in Texas. Top right is myself with Lolly Jane Kelli. She and her twin sister run their site–her sis had to stay home to have a baby. Kelli is pretty awesome, and though we spent a lot of time together, this is the only pic of the two of  us.  Lastly, 2 of the 4 sisters from The Letter 4.  They are so stinkin cute, and they promised to tackle me to the ground upon meeting me, which they came close to;)



This gorgeous cake was made in the conference colors by Ashlee at I’m Topsy Turvy, above the ringleader speaking to the masses, my favorite treat at the candy table, and  our swag bags full of all sorts of crafty goodness (speakers got a special bag with extra stuff). I was actually worried that as a speaker I wouldn’t get a bag–it was SO fun to go through!

Remember how I went to teach photography? I taught 3 different photo walks that lasted about an hour each.  Two on morning light photography, and one on full sun  photography.  My friend Leigh Anne (below) volunteered her lovely daughters to be my models, which they did for 2 of my classes

Leigh Anne blogs at Your Homebased Mom, and her kid lineup is exactly like mine:  boy, boy, girl, girl.  It was fun to meet her and her girls after reading about them.  We have been email/blog friends for a while and exchanged Christmas cards this last year.  Hers was the inspiration behind my joy quote.  teaching in full sun…Each class had about 25-30 attendee’s, and a bunch of people said, “sorry, I’m sleeping in” to the 8am meeting time.  Understandable, we were up LATE! SO luckily the classes weren’t TOO full;)

There was a handmade fair called the Queen Bee Market.  A bunch of vendors were there and I spent WAY too much money on cute things.

My friend Brittany was a vendor with her shop, Love Stitched, and though I really don’t love that picture of me, I  had to put it up.  Above are a few of the cute ways vendors displayed their shop items. We met last summer at my Utah workshop and have corresponded since then.  She sells super cute stuff–I bought a few of her rings and a necklace!

clockwise from left:  Pyramid:  me, orange blossom frames, Vintage Revival, LollyJane, Eighteen25, Orange Blossom Frames, ?, The Diary of Dave’s wife

Ana White speaks to a crowd about builing a home from scratch

Late night P.J. fest in our hotel room

friends in a class that had no more chairs: Creation Corner, The Letter 4, The Diary of Dave’s Wife, LollyJane, Chef-in-Training, Mommy by Day/Crafter by Night

Scentsy introduced their new sister company, Velata, which is meltable chocolates and fondue-type dishes.  Yum! I simply LOVE scentsy products in my home, and this is a fun way to entertain.

After a little assistance from my friend Suzette…

We got a fun group shot of Suzette, KoJo Kirstin, Heidi, & I

Below is Jamielyn from I heart Naptime whom I finally met after some emailing…

We went to a local hamburger/shake joint late at night, and I lamented as I muched on french friens at midnight. But nothing can beat good conversation with friends over treats.

Kristy @ The Diary of Dave’s Wife, Jodie @ Eighteen25, Heather @ Whipperberry, Kelli @ Lolly Jane, Myself, Jamielyn @ I heart naptime, Kristyn of Lil Luna (I can’t believe I don’t have more shots with her!), Jamie @ Eighteen25, & Jen @ Eighteen25

Then the last night, after the prizes and speakers were done, there was a dance party.  Oh yes, I love a good dancy party!  Some people left early, but I got my full workout dancing! Here is the group of gals that ran the whole conference:

back row: Jen from Tatertots & jello, Mandy from Vintage Revivals, Shelley from The House of Smiths, Tauni (the official SNAP leader) Kendra @ My Insanity, Brittany @ One Charming Party

second row: Amy at The Idea Room, Becca @ Blue Cricket Design, Mique from 30 handmade days and the Queen Bee Market, ?, Steph @ The Daily Blarg,

front: Lara from Less Cake, More Frosting, Char from Crap I’ve Made (she kindly took Lorie and I too and from the airport)

Below, I’m singing along to a good song while dancing with my friends… Kelli, Jodie, Kristyn, Jamie, Jamielyn

Finally, shakin’ it like it doesn’t hurt when the alarm clock goes off. {Kirsten, Brooke, Tam, Me, Heidi, Kirstin} My roommate Lorie and I decided there were more forms of “Kristen” than there were Jennifer’s.

Oh my goodness, it was so fun!  I learned a lot, and excited to really follow along with these gals online now that we’ve bonded in person.  Do you recognize any of them from your favorite reads?  Check out some links, if not.  I know lots of these gals are doing their own re-caps. That took me FOREVER (and it’s 2:07 a.m.), so give me some sort of love…

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  1. Oh my goodness, that looks like so much fun!!! I did recognize several of these bloggers & thought how fun it would be to hang out with you all!! :) Maybe someday :)

  2. Sounds and looks like your conference was a lot of fun. I don’t know about you, but I’m quite nervous speaking in front of a crowd of people. A fear that I hope to overcome one day. I’m sure you did just fine because you know your stuff. Great pictures and love your outfits.

  3. Looks like SO much fun!!! I must say, I’m a little jealous :) Are you going to Haven this year?

  4. What a great experience! I would have loved to be there! :)

  5. tricia dunlap says:

    how fun! love the re-cap – now i need to check out some new, fun blogs!

  6. What a great recap. Looks like you had a great time! Wish we could have hung out a bit more! So good to see you in your teaching action!! Love you! xoxox0

  7. Love seeing all the darling pictures!! So glad you had fun! Some of my favorite blog girls. Everyone looks super cute.

  8. Could you be any more fun! Kristen! You were so fun to meet and hang out with! I only wish I had more time to spend with you, that’s the theme of my SNAP experience! Let’s get together in June when you come back to play!

  9. I’m so glad you liked my cake! It was so much fun to make. I planned on going to your morning class on Friday but was SO exhausted after pulling 2 allnighters in a row to get the cake done that I totally missed it! I’m STILL bummed out about it! NEXT year!

  10. i can’t believe I never met you!!! I asked about 10 people where you were!! I guess it’s a good reason to go next year right!!!!
    I think you were in front of us at the dinner… did you have to step out early???
    So glad you had a great time, I totally would have taken the 8 am class.. but like you said, it’s 8 am HELLO!!

  11. It was so fun to meet you! I’ve been a fan of your tutorials on Amy’s site for a long time now! Keep in touch!!!!

  12. SO much fun! Thanks for being a good roomie!

    You are such a good photographer! Therefore I will be stealing a picture to put on my blog because I forgot to take a single one.

    Also, I’m not pregnant even though I look like it in the photo.

  13. Love your post! great job and great photos!! Sorry I didn’t make it to your classes after all so I must take a local class sometime soon! Wish we would have had a chance to chat more but there was so much fun going on and so hard to meet up with everyone huh! Looks like you were with a bunch of fun ladies! Hugs from Conroe, TX!

  14. I’ve followed your blog for a yearish now. I love your photography, enthusiasm and dedication to your family. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  15. Oh my goodness, I LOVE this recap! It looks like you had the best time! And how exciting to meet all those bloggers! The pictures are gorgeous!

  16. Kristen, meeting you was one of my favorite parts of the whole blogging conference. It was such a treat to hang out with you and get to know you. You are SO fun, so nice, so awesome. I’ve been reading through the books you gave me, and I’m already learning a lot!!! Thanks for going out of your way to make friends with me. I seriously LOVED you. Thanks for all the fun pictures, and for taking my headshot pic :) LOVE YA!!! xoxo, Rach

  17. J is for Jealous of your SNAP recap.

  18. Kristen Duke says:

    Jamie–no to Haven. I can only do one conference a year with traveling for workshops, etc. already.
    Becca–agreed, not enough time with each person, and so many people I didn’t connect with!
    Amy–love you too, friend.
    Ashlee-glad you commented, I couldn’t remember who made the cake!
    Melissa–I saw a twitter post that you were in a class that I was and still couldn’t seem to get in touch with you! Agh! Yes, I had a secret shoot that last night during dinner, but I came back.
    Everyone else–I love you all!

  19. Hey Kristen!

    Great write-up and great pictures! Still bummed I missed your photo walks, but thanks for taking a little time with me to answer my questions! That was so nice of you! I think the one you may not have recognized on the SNAP! Team is Amy from Lexilyn Studios. She is the web designer that did the SNAP page and installed my design on my page, etc.! She’s so talented (and was my roommate).

    Thanks for all you did to help make SNAP! such a success! It was so nice to get to meet you! xoxo

  20. Kristen! LOVE your re-cap!!! We’re working on one today. Just one little problem… we took pretty much ZERO pictures! I can’t believe we don’t have pictures of all our favorite people at SNAP :) I might have to take one of these cute ones of you and link it up in our re-cap :) You are SO adorable in person, I just wish we would have had more time to hang out with you. Nat and I kept saying how much you remind us of Amy Adams… and we adore her! Next year, my goal is to have a real camera and then I promise I will wake up early for your photo classes :) xoxo Holly

  21. It was so fun to meet you Kristen! after seeing all your great pictures, now I wish I would have pulled out my big girl camera #lazy.

  22. Looks like HEAPS of fun!! Would have loved to do something like that. Thanks for sharing :)

  23. Now that we’ve met you in person, we are more than happy to claim you as the fourth sister!! You ROCK!!

  24. SO fun!!! Love this post and love all the funny Charlie’s Angels poses from me! that must be my go-to pose! ha!!!!

    I agree! you are my new bestie! Miss you already!

  25. kristen duke! you are just as lovely as they come! so glad we got to meet and hang out i simply adore you!!

  26. Norman hill says:

    Great Picts and story lines. I like the new photo, looking good.

  27. oh my goodness- I LOVE all of these.
    of course, I love you, so that’s no surprise. best part of the conference, hands down, was having the chance to hang out with y’all!
    can I steal some of these pics???? I’ll give you credit for them!

  28. I had so much fun hanging out with you guys, and that top pic is hilarious! I didn’t get a dorky one on my camera, darn! I wanted to go to your classes so bad, but there was no dragging Rory out of bed to drive me that early. :( I’ll have to settle for your book! Thanks for the copy!

  29. Kristen, I am so very glad that you were able to join us for SNAP! this year. It was so fun to have you and I loved watching you teach the girls early in the morning (granted I only caught the first five, but…)

    I hope that you will stay in touch and that you will be back with us next year!


  30. Oh Kristen, you are just TOO CUTE! Love all the pictures and sounds like your classes were a smashing success and you had a great time. Yay!

  31. Flipping LOVE YOU, Kristen!! Thanks for the chat after we got home…I needed to hear that!! Love your face! XOXOX

  32. Should I be totally offended that you didn’t list who I was in the 2nd to last photo? I’m the one in the glasses. :) Totally kidding, just wanted to give you a bad time. Love all of the beautiful pics. So glad that I got to meet you!

  33. Kristen that was such a blast!!! I’m so glad we got to hang out one night in the hotel room and chat some more! I could have chatted all night long (too bad we have to sleep, huh)!! Dancing was a blast! You are so amazing and I seriously love ya!!! XOXO, Tam


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