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Service and Candyland

I was at a really fun photo shoot tonight that I came home all excited about, yet I have no images to show for it.  I didn’t even take my camera!  Crazy, right?  When I left, I told my kids I was doing a little service (not that I’m bragging to them, but my kids need to know that not everything I do has a return).  I like to use that word,  they need to have it a part of their regular vocabulary and being.  Anyway…I did a little mentoring for a friend who had a photo shoot.  She’s newer to the game and she felt she needed assistance.  She would have been fine on her own, but it was fun to play a back seat role and analyze things from a different perspective….whispering suggestions in her ear.  The location was heavenly!  Think acreage, barn, rustic vintage things, beautiful evening light, horses, all things Texas, and a fun family of 15 (mom+dad+6 adult kids+spouses+3 grandkids).  The family was adorable and dressed all coordinated (but not matchy) and fun accessories–a photographers dream.   Does that paint a good enough picture for you? I will link her images up once she posts them:)  I know they are awesome, I peeked at them on the drive home.

Ok, that was enough babble…here are some pics I took for a friend at her daughter’s candyland birthday party last weekend (which coincidentally happened to be a service as well). The cake was fantastic (inside and out)!  And who doesn’t like a table full of candy?!

P.S. Just merged my old blog with my new blogsite (yay)…take a look at the “archives” dropdown.  Heehee, need to adjust those tags, but it will take a while.  Going to bed now (1:04 a.m.)

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  1. Jenny Polson says:

    I love these! The colors are so vibrant and Eva looks so sweet!

  2. Love your work. New follower from NFF.

  3. tricia dunlap says:

    oh so colorful and beautiful, as always! awesome!