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My brother Russell, 3.5 years younger

little bro
One of my first distinct memories in my life occurred in our house in Slidell LA.  It was either before we moved in our right after we moved in and some finishing touches being done on the house.  There was a balcony above the living room from the second floor.  I was 3 years old so Kristen was about 6 or 7.  We were standing on the balcony overlooking the unfinished living room slab.  Below us was a pile of carpet straps from the other parts of the house where the carpet was being laid out.  Kristen dared me to jump off the balcony onto the carpet pile.  Wiser than my few years could account for I responded, “No you do it.”  She did it, landed flat on her back and fractured her vertebrae. She made up a story, and left out the part that she dared me, her 3 year old brother, do perform the stunt. More than twenty years later we were recounting the story at a family gathering with my parents around.  They realized for the first time that she wasn’t “balancing on her stomach and accidentally fell” but that this little daring leap happened.
Another great memory was not so well hidden.  When Kristen was a senior in high school and I was in the most awkward of middle school adolescence she would often take me along to visit her friends that worked at TCBY. One night for some reason we stayed later than usual but planned to sneak back into the house from the upstairs window.  We didn’t sneak out of the house, our parents knew good and well that we were out past curfew.  We pretended that we could sneak in and then say what we have been up here the whole time.  We were defiantly kidding ourselves.  We climbed up onto the roof, and snuck in the window laughing and falling over each other onto the floor.  Then, still giggling tip-toed to her room.  Within 30 seconds my dad’s voice bellowed from below as he called “Kristen, come down please.”  I remember Kristen taking all the blame and all the punishment for our little ploy.
little bro

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  1. Love the stories where the parents don’t find out what really happened until many years later! I have had a few of them…..some haven’t been surfaced yet :)
    Kimberley recently posted..Coffee Station InspirationMy Profile

  2. oh my gosh how dangerous! and funny that she would dare a 3 year old!
    Mindy recently posted..Great Gatsby 1920s Themed 30th Birthday PartyMy Profile

  3. hahaha! Kristen, you little stinker, you! ;)