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Ruffles and Fringe Giveaway+ A discount

 SO sorry I didn’t post this on Saturday!  I was gone all day playing on the lake and was too exhausted when I got home. Plus, I don’t do anything associated with “work” on Sundays. 

I love giveaways, but I want everyone to win…so, I must let you all know that Nicole at Ruffles and Fringe has graciously offered a 10% discount to all readers of my blog that didn’t win the big prize!  So even if you don’t win–you win with a discount! 

The only tricky part is that Etsy doesn’t have the ability to accept a coupon code.  But Nicole can honor your discount when you checkout, by putting KRISTEN DUKE in the message to seller box and she will credit back 10% to your PayPal account.  I’ve done it before and it works swimmingly…promise. 

CLICK HERE to go to her shop.

Now to the winner, selected comment #42


And that’s LAURA with this comment:

 Congrats, Laura! 

Now all of you others who didn’t win–go get some cute hair accessories with this discount!!!

Run, don’t walk, to Ruffles and Fringe!

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  1. OHMYGOODNESS! I never win anything (I guess I can’t say that anymore! I’m so Excited. Wow, thank you so much! I’m glad you like my tree logo :)


  2. woo hoo! Congrats to Laura!