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Recipes I’ve tried from Pinterest

I wanted to share some recipes that I’ve tried recently, that I found on Pinterest.  I feel like that is what I have actually done the most from my pinterest organization–recipes. Whenever I want to try something new baking or cooking, I go to my pinterest saved recipes and pick from there.


Carmelita’s from Lulu the Baker. I made them for the teen girls at church, and they can’t stop talking about them. Definitely, YUM!

Avocado Deviled Eggs


Besides making the traditional deviled eggs for Easter, we also made a batch with avocado’s and they were quite delish.  But I love avocado’s in anything, so that didn’t surprise me too much!  Found here at Eating Well, Living Thinner.

Creamy Orange Fluff

Creamy Orange Fluff Recipe

This is less jello, more creamy yumminess. Find it at Taste of Home.

And I’ve heard lots of feedback about my baked french toast that I posted recently, even an email today from Patrice that said this:

Ok Kristen!  We are not happy with you today!  We tried the Baked French Toast and we are addicted!!!!!! My 14 year old son is a budding chef, and he mastered your recipe on the first try.  We are officially blaming you for any weight gain, other french toast recipe rejections and a longing for it every morning!

 I think the one thing my family enjoyed the most: no waiting for each batch to be done on the griddle.  We all sat down and dug into the pan! Awesome, and thanks for sharing!


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  1. With Pinterest, I have tried more new recipes than ever before. Because they are all right there! Now I have even more to try, ones with good reviews no less! :)

  2. Written, tried a recipe from interest that is one of our family favorites. I put my own twist to it. You should try it.
    Here is the link….
    I made a pot of pasta and in a small sauce pan I did the butter lemon and dressing mixture. I then tossed the noodles in the sauce and added the cooked shrimp. It is kinda like shrimp scampi pasta.