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Pink Lemonade, anyone???

My daughter loves Pinkalicious, and when we found the book, Pinkalicious and the Pink Drink, I suggested to her to have a Pink Lemonade birthday party.  She got excited right away, so we made plans for the theme.

I enlisted my hubby and his love for pvc pipes to build a little awning above our kitchen table to make the lemonade stand.  The yellow is a tablecloth pinned to the ceiling and clipped to the pvc frame.  I was bummed that the window light blew out the details on the table.  I knew it would, but convinced myself to plan around it anyway…

All things pink and yellow…I made the sign on the back of my Mary had a little lamb sign.  Also made some lemon coolers with real lemons and a candy stick.  You can drink it just like that!

I love paper lanterns.  I have lots of colors.  They are re-usable, found at Hobby Lobby.

Goody bags of lemonheads and strawberry candy sticks.

I also made a lemonade cake recipe that I found online. My friend Juliet made the pink chocolate popcorn, of which my neighbor said it was the most delicious treat she’d had in a while.  Let me also add that the only thing purchased for this party was the check fabric (Wal-mart $5 a yard), paper goods, and the food/candy.  Everything else I had on hand!  

I covered some family pics I have up in our kitchen with some pics of my girl in younger years.  The border designs can be found free at Sprik Space–I LOVE all her designs!!!!

I made strawberry cupcakes with lemon frosting and stuck what I like to call a pink lemon on top (but at the candy store, they are referred to as grapefruit chewey candies).

Once the kids arrived, they played with the balloons that were on the floor.  Nice gathering activity as we waited for others;)

My girl then read aloud her Pinkalicious book, then they played “hot lemon” (like hot potato).  First with one lemon, then with 2, then 3, then 5.  They really loved that, and we played it much longer than I planned because they enjoyed it so much.

I did recommend the girls wear pink and yellow for a fun group pic.

Her kinder teacher even made a litte appearance.  She will also be her 1st grade teacher next year.

I had my hubby snap a few shots of us…

She loves it when I twirl her like this…we need to make sure we’ve got lots of space, we have been known to take a few people out at wedding receptions.

 This last shot just makes me happy.  Shows me that she was really enjoying herself.  I love to do parties for my kids, and once a year is just not enough!

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  1. Kristen! This is one of those parties you see in pottey barn magazines as a kid and hope to be able to re-create it. You did that and went above and beyond! This is to cute and the pink grapefruit candies we collected look great :)

  2. SO awesome! What a fun day for all of you, especially your daughter. I might have to do this for Father’s day! ;) (I also love the way you have your pictures hanging on the wall with clothespins. It looks much better than mine.)

    (I had lots of “M” practice at girls camp last week! SO much better than auto!)

  3. these are FABULOUS. So enjoyed looking at them :)

  4. Oh my! How much do I love this party, Kristen?!? Great job on all the little details – looks like so much fun! And, of course I love the pattern pieces as picture mats. :) I’m sharing this on the Sprik Space FB page today.

  5. Love it! Great job, Kristen!! I love seeing your kids’ birthday party pictures, so thanks for sharing them here! How did you do that “Birthday Girl’s Artwork” and arrow on the wall?? Very cute idea!

  6. Brooke schaefer says:

    Love it!!! Great job. Looks like they all had so much fun

  7. Aw, so sweet! Loved all the decorations! Such adorable photos!

  8. so fabulous!!!!!!!!!! i would love to come to a party like this! love all the ideas and details you included…great job mama!

  9. So cute! I love the pink and yellow color scheme. The girls look like they are having the time of their lives.

  10. Kristen! This party is adorable! Every detail is just darling! What a lucky girl she is to have a mom like you!

  11. Jacqueline says:

    Good for you for liking kids’ birthday parties. I teach first grade, and most of the parents dread doing them!

  12. Caroline says:

    I had to look at these in secret, because I knew Sav would be SO sad knowing she missed such a fabulous party! loved the theme and the games and all the pink and yellow details! looks like you’ve pulled off another amazing party! you are seriously talented my friend!!!

  13. You are so creative I love it and the color theme perfect… I love when the kids participate and come dressed in the colors I did that last year for my daughter’s b-day party it was perfect… wonderful I gotta get this book for my Madkat she loves lemon-aide…

  14. You%20are%20so%20creative%20I%20love%20it%20and%20the%20color%20theme%20perfect…%20I%20love%20when%20the%20kids%20participate%20and%20come%20dressed%20in%20the%20colors%20I%20did%20that%20last%20year%20for%20my%20daughter’s%20b-day%20party%20it%20was%20perfect…%20wonderful%20I%20gotta%20get%20this%20book%20for%20my%20Madkat%20she%20loves%20lemon-aide…%20

  15. I am so sorry I don’t know what that second comment is up there Oh my Dear…I truly apologize I don’t know what happened… :(

  16. Sooo cute. Will you be my personal party planner?

  17. I can’t even tell you how much I love this party theme! So fun and be-a-u-tiful! Our next birthday is my youngest daughter’s birthday and it’s in August – this would be perfect!! But I don’t know if I can wait that long, lol! (I almost want to make over the girls bedroom in these colors right now!) Thanks for sharing such beautiful photos of a beautiful party!

    Mara @ Super Savings

  18. What a fun and beautiful party! Love the lemonade stand!

  19. this is the cutest thing ive ever seen. i’m doing a pink lemonade them for my daughters 1st bday. where did you get those tablecloths?


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