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Hi there! Stephanie here, from Stephanie Smith Photography.
stephanie smith pictures
Thank you so much to Kristen for inviting me to take part in this Decorating with Pictures series. I’m so excited to be a part of this series, and to provide you with some tips and ideas on putting your family images on display, including knowing which images to choose, which products to order, and ordering them in the best way.
For me personally, selecting which images to display is one of the toughest parts of getting a project going. I’m such a procrastinator when it comes to deciding which pictures to have on display because I just can’t choose. I want them all up, so as a result I sometimes end up going months without printing anything because I just can’t decide. The best advice I can give here is to just do it! There are very cost-effective ways of displaying your images, so if you want to switch images out throughout the year, it’s no big deal!
You may want to display an image where your child is looking right at the camera with a big smile. Go for it! But also don’t forget those other shots too: the back of their curly head, their head down playing with a flower, their sandy feet, etc. These images will speak to you for years to come. And they display genuine emotion, like curiosity, wonderment, innocence, etc. That’s what I love on my walls. I always look for emotion in my images. I want to see emotion on my subject, and I want to elicit emotion from the viewer. Maybe the image has a sense of freedom, or joy, or introspection in it. If it speaks to you, go for it!
Once you’ve decided to display an image, there are so many fun and unique ways to do it. Over on my blog, I’m sharing 3 types of photo products that I have on display in my home. Come visit to check out some of my favorite products and get some tips on ordering. 
stephanie smith
Gorgeous! Thank you Stephanie, I love your style! Love that image of the little ones dancing!
If you’ve missed any of the posts from the Decorating with Pictures Series, check them out HERE or click on the image below. Every day in February is packed with 2 inspiring posts, each with a giveaway from a fabulous brand! (If you need help taking better pictures, in a few posts, I’m giving away my Say NO to Auto beginner camera Workshop on video AND my books as well!)  Follow along in the series!

Decorating with Pictures Ideas


Today our giveaway is from Love Stitched.
Love Stitched
Here is what you’ll get (coordinate for sizing).
*set of midi rings – $15 value

*shirt, necklace, and belt as pictured on the girl with dark hair – $24 value for shirt, $18 value for necklace, $10 value for belt

*anthropologie inspired sheer lace shirt – $38 value

total value – $103

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Kristen Duke

Kristen Duke

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Kristen Duke
Kristen Duke
Kristen Duke
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  1. Just love all the clean & fresh look of it all! Beautiful!
    Jennifer Polson recently posted..Decorating with Family Portraits: Family Timeline WallMy Profile

  2. This is such a cool photo, I’m getting kind of a modern and rustic feel to it. Love all the white on everything and it’s so bright and cheery. Wondered what kind of lighting you used for this picture.