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Peppermint Brownie Bites

Can you believe it is the 10th of December! Yikes, how did that happen?? Well, I’ve got my 9 buddies back with another amazing Blog Hop. Peppermint is definitely the flavor of the season and it is also our theme for the month. We’ve got lots of peppermint flavored treats to share with you as well as some darling peppermint inspired crafts! Be sure and visit all the blogs to check out the details on their peppermint project. But first, I made Peppermint Brownie Bites! Though they are delicious no matter how you slice it, I struggled with the chocolate! See below for the tips I got from Facebook friends.

Peppermint Brownie Bites

Such a great collection below, we’d love for you to pin the collage, and then go see all of the other fabulous projects created by some of my blogger friends too. Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season!!

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Now for the story on my Peppermint Brownie Bites. I’ve been a big fan of cake pops since they came out 5 or so years ago (from the fabulous Bakerella). My kids also love them. I’d heard of, but never made brownie bites–the same concept, except I baked the brownies and crumbled them up with peppermint pieces. But it’s the melting chocolate that I’ve always struggled with! My treats always taste good, but don’t always look so pretty. After I took this horribly clumpy chocolatey picture:

messy cake pops

I took a Facebook poll, and got LOTS OF TIPS. Click to read all about it. I ultimately decided to try using shortening instead of oil to thin out the chocolate and cook it in shorter intervals. I was pleased with how it turned out, but the red one in these images was more runny than the green. I can’t win every time, right? Here is a little step by step process in pictures:

How to make Peppermint Brownie Bites

My daughter and I made them together for her to take to a church activity with other girls her age (they got that first batch of red above).

rolling cake pops

and it was quite delicious to snitch the “dough.”

Peppermint Brownies

They were a big hit! I tried to make them look like ornaments…do they sorta look like ornaments???

Kristen Duke

Kristen Duke

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Kristen Duke
Kristen Duke
Kristen Duke
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  1. Bah hahah!!! I hate when it turns out ugly but yummy!! I’d eat em!!
    Lolly Jane recently posted..striped peppermint wreathMy Profile

  2. The pictures turned out fab. I love that your FB peeps came to the rescue. I don’t know if they look like ornaments but they are adorable and festive! And “snitch the dough?” Never heard of that but I’m stealing that line. :)
    Mique recently posted..3 Ingredient Frozen Peppermint PieMy Profile

    • Kristen Duke says:

      Oh yes, I snitch dough all the time. I guess in this case, the dough is actually a cooked brownie, but it seems more dough-y all crumbled up!

  3. Your cake balls look great – I have never been able to make a decent cake ball so I’m impressed.

  4. My kids would love to make these. I love it!
    Mariel @ Or so she says… recently posted..Gifts for Women ~ Mariel’s Picks 2013My Profile

  5. chocolate and brownie…yup, I would eat it no matter what it looked like. I love the fun straw and M&M candy on top! Chocolate just takes practice I guess. I always use the shortening to thin my chocolate. too.
    Jocelyn @BruCrew Life recently posted..Chocolate Peppermint FudgeMy Profile

  6. Joanna Sigman says:

    I read your Facebook plea the other day but had nothing to add as I absolutely STINK at anything with melting chocolate. So, I feel your pain and am impressed that you even got SOME to come out smooth and picture ready!

  7. These are adorable. Who cares what they look like when they TASTE amazing!!

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