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on my mind: taxes, business, and field trips

It’s going to be a week of recipes this week! I’ve got three desserts to share for Kraft, and one dinner recipe smashed in the middle. Hope you’re hungry! Here are the random things on my mind from what I’ve done in the past few days:

    • We finished our taxes over the weekend, hooray! Dang, blogger taxes are a BEAST! I’m grateful for the income I make from this blog, but it’s a lot of documentation and detail work.
    • I took my girls to a dance recital to watch the teenage girls I teach at church. Two of them are on the high school drill team, and I was on the high school drill team back in the day. Oh, the memories came flooding back, I tell ya.

  • I’ve been getting stronger with my toning workouts, can’t wait to share with all of ya. Next month, maybe.
  • I got my hair cut and colored this week. I went in saying I wanted  a “sun kiss” and came out looking like a blonde. I’m hoping with a few washes it will tone down a bit because I don’t love it right now. I will say that the lighten shade seems to make my face look tanner, which I’m not sad about.
  • My 8 year old daughter went on my instagram looking at all the pictures I’ve shared in the nearly 3 years I’ve had an account. She liked over 100 pictures, cute girl. Plus, she’s got a killer head-stand going on (see below).
  • Speaking of my instagram, I finally did what I wanted to do the past year and take off “photography.” Now I’m just “kristen Duke” I can’t decide if I want to add in Capturing Joy, but not sure how to do it….I’ve had identity crises over these things
  • For the first time, I had a child cut their own hair. Little 4 and 3 quarters young one snipped it in the front, but it isn’t completely noticeable yet, its too short. Luckily it was just a small section.
  • I decided at the beginning of the year that I don’t want to take on photo clients right now. The blog has kept me busy enough, and I just need a break. I sent a handful of inquiries away, then within about a week, I heard from 3 past clients. A 3 of them said, “I have a child needing senior pictures, and since you took our past senior children’s pictures, we’d love you to do this one.” Agh! How can I say no to that? So I agreed. Plus a family…or 2 or 3. That all had legitimate reasons I wanted to take them on. One, we’d talked about it for over 2 years. And the other, well, I owed them a favor so they weren’t quite “clients.”  The Texas bluebonnets are in full bloom, and I’ll hopefully share some of those images soon. ANYWAY, one of the senior clients was scheduled for a mini session last thursday at 6pm. At 5pm, I remembered. At 6pm, I did not remember. It had been a hectic afternoon. Of course I also neglected to give this client my cell phone number, and happened to sit down to my email at 6:23pm to see an email that they were waiting for me—agh! I ran down there (I live very close) and took the pictures. Then two days later (long story, short) I deleted those images! Oh my. Serious sign that I just need to stop right now. Luckly, I found THIS blog through a google search that told me about THIS image recover software and I was able to recover the deleted images off of my card (it’s only for PC though, luckily I still have my laptop that isn’t a mac). Of course I told the client before that, that they were deleted and wondered about a re-shoot, but happy I we didn’t have to. SO yes, I look VERY bad in their eyes. It was a BIG nudge that I really need to take a break from photography.
  • I had to make an agonizing decision about today. I had to choose whether or not to take one of my closest friends to lunch for her birthday, or go to my 5th grade sons field trip that would cost ME $30 to ride the bus with the kids, or I’d have to drive an hour alone. I’d also have to find someone to watch my little one for that day, AND reschedule a morning appointment. That was HARD for me to decide because I have gone on pretty much all field trips for my kids. I’ve always made it a priority to be there to the things that parents are invited to. But this time, it just didn’t seem to be in the cards and both my son and husband said it would be OK to miss (I needed people to tell me that). So instead I took my son on a one-on-one outing over the weekend. We got donuts and had a great chat.
  • My 7th grader is right in the thick of “Worth the Wait” Sex Ed chats at school. Tee hee hee, I LOVE those kind of chats! He slipped a paper in front of me to sign today, and without really reading what I was signing, I signed, and as he pulled it away, I said, “wait a minute, I see that you had one of the lessons today, tell me all about it!” We both laughed at how he was trying to be sneaky, and he ALMOST slipped by me with it. He knows I love talking about it, and has heard it enough from me.  Grateful I live in a conservative state that teaches “waiting” as we teach in our home.
  • My youngest turns FIVE this week, and I’m in full force party planning mode! Can’t wait to share what’s up our sleeves over here.

It’s almost not Monday anymore, so I gotta get this posted!

Here are some pictures from what I mentioned above:




Got this necklace from Stitch Fix, have you ordered a Fix yet?? It’s fun to not know what you are going to get!

photo 13

And here I am with my friend on her birthday (it was cold and rainy on the field trip):


 My husband and kids building a fort on a relaxing Sunday afternoon:

building a fort with PVC pipes


Kristen Duke

Kristen Duke

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Kristen Duke
Kristen Duke
Kristen Duke
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  1. Raelene Hill says:

    Love the post! I feel “caught up” since I am missing so much while away! Love that you so willingly share successes and challenges. We all have both don’t usually hear about the challenges. It gives us hope! Thanks for sharing!

  2. norm hill says:

    CaliWali turns 5 this weekend? Wowser.

    It is a killer handstand.

    It is a cool fort. So much fun. Great to do together.

    Love ya’, Bear.

  3. So could I schedule an appointment for a photo shoot?!!!! Truly I am kidding. I know how hard it is to say no and put something on the back burner for a while. I had to do that with my crafting. I used to create scrapbooks and sets of cards for clients and I was getting more requests than I had time. I work outside the home full-time and I would do that in my spare time and take care of a baby, house, etc. So my comment is uber long, but hearing about your challenges makes me feel that I’m not alone. Kim in Round Rock

  4. Thanks for sharing your challenges as well as the haps! We all have both and I think it’s being “real” when someone admits it. The photos are gorgeous! I agree re: Nester too. :)

    Pat recently posted..~ Palm Sunday ~My Profile

  5. Thanks for sharing your challenges as well as the haps! We all have both and I think it’s being “real” when someone admits it. The photos are gorgeous! I agree re: Nester too. :)

    Pat recently posted..~ Palm Sunday ~My Profile

  6. My 11 year old just had “the talk” at school too. Here in grade 5 they only talk about puberty and they separate boys and girls. And next year they teach them more. I am glad we live here.
    And I love that your daughter liked all the pics. That cracks me up.
    AND it’s cool that you are doing some recipes for Kraft )how’d you get that to work out? Did you apply or did they come to you?
    Rhonda recently posted..Relearning how to make French ToastMy Profile

  7. your daughter can do a mean handstand.


  1. […] preparation for our road trip, we attempt to clean up our house a bit. I shared with you two weeks ago, the PVC pipe fort by husband and the kids built. It was up for two full weeks in our gameroom! […]