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Off to Illinois!

Maybe it doesn’t sound exciting to you, but I’m off to visit one of my bestest friends.  She dangled a carrot in front of me and I had to bite.  I am also very excited about my travel companion:

 Isn’t he handsome? I am very much looking forward to ultra bonding time with him on our flight (he will have to put that new ds away for a bit to play games with me).  And in the timeframe that I will allow the sai ds, I will be catching up on my People Magazine. 


I have been known to occasionally take trips on my own, and the mother guilt factor weighs in big time. I don’t feel it much this time, as I am taking my oldest along with me.   But I am leaving my 16 month old for the first time:(  For my friend, we will have a super duper, ultra family portrait session–maybe even 2 (if we can convince her hubby).  I’ve got a list of ideas I want to try out.  I am also photographing 2 of her friends and 2 readers of my blog (via the Idea Room).  I am SO excited for photographing new scenery, a getaway, playing with my friend, bonding with my son, roaming through airports (I strangely love airports), flying on a plane (love take off) and making new friends.  Plus, this is my ONLY real trip this summer.  It isn’t summer vacation to me, unless you fly somewhere.  Where have you traveled to this summer?  Do you like to travel or prefer to stay home?  Planes…do ya love ‘em like I do?  Now watch, I’ll get stuck on one and get really grumpy.

P.S.  I have a REALLY fun post in the que…so check back tomorrow:)

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  1. Have a great trip! I just went to Disney last month and agree that it doesn’t quite seem like vacation unless you fly somewhere (unless of course you’ve never flown, then I suppose you probably have your own vacation style!). I absolutely LOVE airports! I love everything about flying when I get to go on a trip, from sitting and watching the planes to boarding. Love it. I’m glad to hear someone else does too. Enjoy your special time with your son!

  2. Have fun in Illinois :) I am excited to see the pictures that you shoot while in my hometown!

  3. Hope you have a great time visiting the midwest!
    I like planes, my grandpa was a pilot, as a young girl I got to fly in his 2 seater, and have never lost that little girl awe & sentimient for flying. I love take-off, too.
    Living in northern MN, my favorite place to be in summer is home.. its our nice time of year, so I don’t want to miss it!
    We try to do our travels in late winter /early spring, when it’s still more like winter here – which starts getting old 5 months into it. Nice time to see some new scenery, maybe go somewhere where we don’t have to wear boots. :)
    This March my husband & I flew into Vegas, but only to get out of town & explore southern Utah, parts of Arizona & Nevada. Loved it.
    In April we flew out to Portland & explored the Oregon Coast – GOREGEOUS. And in May, I went to see a friend for a whopping 2 days near Santa Rosa, CA. Short, but friend time is friend time, so I take what I can get.
    I LOVE seeing new places. But I also love home.
    Oliver Wendell Holmes said, “Where we love is home; Home that are feet may leave, but not our hearts.”
    Our family has a cabin on a remote northern Ontario lake, that is where we go together with the kids for our summer get-away. (It’s not all that accessable in winter.) It’s like stepping back 50 years. Some would say we’re roughing it. No electricity, no running water, the final leg of our journey to get there is by boat. But our kids beg to stay for 20 more days, and there’s no better back-to-basics family togetherness time I could think of.

    My husband spent his childhood summers with his grandparents on a TX ranch, and I’ve never been there! So that is a place on our to-go list.

    Anyway – long – sorry!
    I look forward to your Illinois photos, and your really fun post. And I LOVE that you’re taking your son with! Have fun!

  4. I love to travel but won’t get on a plane this summer (new water heater, new car, condo assessment…). I have spent weekends in Maine and the Berkshires and Vermont. I’m doing day trips to Maine the next two Saturdays. There are lots of fun places to visit in New England!

  5. Toni Forgue says:

    Hi Kristen. I enjoy your blog via my daughter in St. George Utah. I’m originally from Illinois. Residing in southern Ohio. What town are you going to.

  6. tricia dunlap says:

    can’t wait to hear about your trip! let’s catch up when our older ones are back in school. i LOVE airports too – so full of hugs and love and people longing for their loved ones they are sending off and then so many smiles as their loved ones return. i think it is normal for a photographer to love an airport – lots of real human emotion going on there! xoxo

  7. Jenny Polson says:

    Have fun! Miss ya here!