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Not just any Graduation….

No, not high school, or just any college, but a Medical School Graduation.  My little brother is now officially a Doctor. I didn’t expect to get all emotional as they played the Graduation March…but I teared up.  Maybe it’s because I can project the time in a few years when my  oldest will graduate high school.  Maybe its because I feel part ownership in the success of my little brother, because I did after all help raise him;)  Maybe its because I realized his hard work, when at many family gatherings, he would excuse himself to the back room to study hours on end as we played without him.  Maybe its because I realize that he has an amazing core group of friends that he met at school, that will now be spread throughout the country. But I think mostly its because the little chat he and I had on the drive there, just the two of us,  that hiw wife and kids couldn’t be there.  2 days before, they brought a baby girl into the world and his wife was still at the hospital with her. His 1.5 year old son was with a neighbor, that none of his family would be there (though all of his siblings and parents were). Those who really worked alongside him as he prepared for this degree, were not there.

Four years younger than me, I have always looked up to my little brother. He is the peacemaker in our family.  Always trying to smooth things over with his calm demeanor.  He is so likeable and funny.  He was my side kick in high school, I loved bringing him along with me on adventures.  At graduation, when I realized we would see his back as they walked, I texted him and said “look back at me a few times so I can take pictures.” Look how well he did that;) I called  his wife in the hospital room so she could hear, “congratulations Doctor Hill”  read aloud as he received his diploma. (Did you know Hill is my maiden name?)

I was waiting for the moment all the graduates would throw their hats up in the air, but it didn’t happen. So he threw his up for me.

Below are his core group of friends.  BYU grads like him, they met  at medical school in Texas with an immediate common bond. They all have wives and most have children as well.  They endured together.

His closest friend, Phil.  I took their family pics, you will see that in a few days.  They carpooled to school each day, and he and his fam seemed to pop up at the Hill Family reunions.  Ok, maybe just once.

Me and my brothers in birth order. In the past year, my 2 other brothers moved back to Texas, so we are all living in the state now! Brother on the right is in his first year of med school (yes, I will have 2 doctors in the family)!

Here is our fam with wives and parents.  My hubby and kids didn’t come.

I love my little bro (and think his tie ROCKS–need one for my hubby).

After graduation, we went to hang out at his  house.  Not only did my little brothers just add a baby to their family, but they are also moving.  All the furniture was moved out, so his wife came home to a crowd of  people in her empty home–sounds amazing, right? Below, my nephew, Everett (older brothers son).

Some light reading I am currently enjoying (I love a good biography).

Younger bro, Kirk, and his wife Rachel kickin’ in on the comfortable floor.

Older bro Ryan, with 2 of his boys…

A very impromptu photo shoot with nephews.

Bennett found aunt Rachel’s heels and very impressively walked around in them.

Russell and Phil with their Psych bobble heads from their wives.  I guess they watch it and love it and quote lines from it often.

Tomorrow I will introduce to you baby Renn.  It was the last time going to their home in San Antonio.  Fortunately, they are staying in Texas, but instead of 2 hours away, they will be 4.  I’m ok with that…I guess.

Kristen Duke

Kristen Duke

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Kristen Duke
Kristen Duke
Kristen Duke
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  1. i am totally seeing a family resemblance between you and your brother in pic 8. congrats to him!

  2. Thanks for taking all those graduation pictures. I keep going back and forth between really happy and really sad as I look at them. Dang hormones!

  3. Found your blog though LMM which was through Simply Sadie Jane. Can’t wait to read more of your posts.

  4. Meghan Grace says:

    That is awesome, Kristen! I can only imagine how proud your family must be-of all of you! My 14 year old son is already contemplating med school-he is smart enough and perserverant enough to do it too! Hmmmm, we will just need to find the money! HA! I really enjoy your blog. Thanks for sharing. Meghan

  5. Wow, what an accomplishment, and so awesome that you were all there to support him. I love that you called his wife so she could hear his name called, you always think of the good stuff like that. Man, two doctors in the family? Maybe I can mooch off you guys, we have no doctors, no lawyers, no airline employees. Can’t a girl get a little hook up from her own fam? Way to go bro!!!

  6. Wow, what a great accomplishment! How wonderful that your whole family could be there!

  7. I’m glad you captured the pic of Bennett in the heels, since I missed it. Cute pic of Kirk and I. I don’t think I realized you were taking it! :)

  8. Good morning, I was just going through your pictures and commentary and it occured to me how blessed the world is with you in it. Not only do you LOVE your family, extended family, and all who surround you, but your pictures and commentary exhibit that love. Thank you for sharing, it is wonderful to read in the darkness of the morning that lends the silence of prayer to my daily beginning. What a wonderful world it would be if everyone had the reverence for family, life, and living that you do and share with us. Life is great, and what a gift that God has allowed us to share with each other. Keep on sharing through your pictures, I love to see and read all that you have to offer.