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My trip to Utah in a major nutshell

Neither mine nor my husbands parents or siblings live in Utah. It wasn’t an intuitive trip for us to take, as most years we trip to see immediate family (at the time we planned this trip, there was no immediate family trip organized–there became one at the exact same time as we went, so we had to skip it). It was a decisive trip on my part for my kids to experience what I experienced as a child. I have 3 living grandparents who still live in the homes they lived in when I was a child.  So taking my kids back to a piece of my childhood is important to me. Though I was born and raised in the South {Texas & Louisiana} my roots are in Utah. My parents were born there, and generations back were born there.  My ancestors emmigrated from England & Sweden in the 1800′s and traveled with the Mormon Pioneers across the United States and helped to settle the Salt Lake Valley. Rich family history for me in Utah.

This THIS is why I went to Utah:




.Playing in my grandma’s barn…

…going down her laundry shoot to the basement, like I did when I was a kid…(scary eyes from the phone flash)


attempting a cartwheel in the soft, soft Utah grass

The above is why I went….Here are some of the things we got to do along the way…

Visiting my daughter’s long long best friend in Colorado:

…and taking their family pictures amidst beautiful landscape (say a little prayer for them, they were evacuated from their Colorado Springs home yesterday)

….meeting this sweet baby, born to these adoring parents…

.meeting up with some bloggy friends…

below, meeting up with some middle school friends (we lived in New Orleans, Louisisana together)


.family jump day on my daughters birthday…

….and the long awaited ear piercing on her 7th birthday

…the beautiful and amzing architectural feat at the conference center

….walking around Temple Square in downtown Salt Lake City, allowing my children to feel the amazing spirit there and be reminded of how blessed we are…

.The beautiful Christus Statue on Temple Square

.my little one kept wanting to see the temple and asked when we were going to go in…I reminded her of the song, I love to see the Temple (that we sing daily), that someday she will be able to feel the beautiful Spirit inside.

.had to stop by and walk campus for our alma mater, BYU

.me and my cuz…and our daughters…

….my son holding my daughters hand while playing red rover…

….2nd cousins!


.The Great Salt Lake was saltier than we all realized–itchy!

….perfecting the cartwheel




.My grandpa’s 88th birthday with a bunch of his great grandchildren singing to him…
.got to be with my dad on Father’s Day

.a little TV action (if you missed the video, see here)



…someone lost a tooth…



.on the drive home, we stopped at my high school bestie’s home in Kansas. She just moved there, and it had been a few months since I saw them (they used to be in Dallas and I held my workshop there last summer). It was fun to see our kids play together and bond!

….our child birth order is the exact same:  boy-boy-girl-girl.  My #4 and her #3 are the same age;)

…a few hotels and many car hours later…we made it back to Texas!

….got to capture some beautiful scenery along the way…



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  1. Looks like you had a wonderful vacation! I’ve never been to Utah but your Utah vacation sounds like out Washington state vacations! Full of fun days filled with family and friends.

  2. I want to go on vacation with you! What awesome pictures–and absolutely gorgeous as well! Looks like a very memorable vacation. You have a beautiful family!

  3. Jacqueline says:

    Enjoyed your photo nutshell!

  4. Holy cow woman you guys really packed it in!! Sounds and looks like a great vacation. You have a beautiful family. So glad I got to see you!!!

  5. Jessima says:

    Looks like a you had HEAPS of fun! Love that you made this post a big picture one. Thanks for sharing :)

  6. Norman hill says:

    Love the Picts…and the memories.


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