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My personal style~Self Expression

I interrupt my photo purging for something a little different…

I wanted to share with you a bit about my form of self expression through my personal clothing style.  First, let me say that I feel slightly vulnerable posting this, but I’ve convinced myself that it’s ok to put myself out there.  I want my blog to be more than just the pictures I take, but about me and my life adventures and thoughts. Plus, I kept a clothes journal all growing up (I know, a little weird) and I think it will be fun to have some outfits documenting my style when I am old and grey.

I’ve been eyeing a few blogs lately where they post what they wear (A room Somewhere  who links up to The Pleated Poppy’s What I wore Wednesday) and I have LOVED it!  Mostly b/c it gives me ideas about what I can do differently with what I already have. I love accessories, and have become addicted to the headband.  Like shoes, it doesn’t matter what size pants I wear, the headband is one size fits all!  I have lots, thanks to Ruffles and Fringe and their cute style.  I also love the headband because I can wear the same size as my little girls!

Besides having fun looking at others’ clothing selections and wanting to share my ensembles, I want to be a bit more accountable to making myself presentable on a daily basis.  I do love to get fancy (like Nancy) but on weekdays when it is just my baby and me running to Target or Sams Club, I tend to go make up free in my coziest of clothes…just one step up from my jammies.  Nothing wrong with that (I do it all the time) but I want to challenge myself to spiff it up a bit. This is how you might find me on those days:

(pardon the ill focused images, my kitchen table and a chair were my tripod and I did not have a tall person to focus on before I set the timer). My favorite Old Navy long sleeved T is a bit too big, but  the fabric is SOOO soft!  If it’s chilly, on goes my cozy fuzzy yellow hoody (also O.N.). If you look closely,  you can see the lack of make up on my face.  Pink comfy shoes from Old Navy.

Next, I am dressing up the t-shirt look a bit with jeans and boots.  I love hats, but not always sure how they look on me.  One of those things I just make myself do because I like it…even if I think it looks weird.  Not quite skinny jeans, but it works to tuck my boots in.

I met friends at a park play date this day. Tee and jeans from Old Navy, boots from Target (I know lots of people with these boots).  They are quite comfortable.

Below, I went to my sons’ field trip.  The school colors are dark blue and since I didn’t have a school t-shirt to chaperon, I thought I’d at least wear the colors.  This is so monochrome for me–all blue.  I often wear red flats with this ensemble.  I dressed it up a bit with my new gold earrings  I just got. I haven’t worn gold for over 10 years.

The cardigan is from Old Navy last year with the sewn on flowers.  Shoes from Payless, long shorts from Target.

Below, I enlisted my friend Caroline and her crafty skills to make me this pin and headband.  I had leftover fabric from a quilt I made last fall and I love this color combination. They were made just before my trip… I feel very secretarial here.  I wore this to church…shoes from Payless, cardigan from Banana Republic Outlet, skirt from New York and Co outlet.

This next is one I’ve had for a while, but still love it.  The dress is sleeveless and shorter than I like to wear, but a cardigan and leggings solve that issue nicely.  I fell in love with the beading and deep purple when I saw it and had to figure out how it could be worn to fit my needs. I know many shy away from the babydoll dress because some are led to think that the wearer may be with child.  I don’t mind that…it’s fun to keep people guessing, especially if you aren’t!  Dress from Target a year or two ago. Cropped short sleeved cardigan from Old Navy (I need one of these in every color).  Bracelet made by my sis in law for my b-day.  Headband from Ruffles and Fringe (one of my very faves). Flats, Payless.

Lastly, this is the outfit I wore to church the day before Valentine’s Day (I planned to do this post weeks ago). I put my hair up which I rarely do because it is so heavy. I was inspired by the holiday of love.  I rarely wear red.  I think it is my least favorite color, but for the occasion (and since I found the belt a few days before for cheap) I went for the red route.

Headband, Ruffles and Fringe, shoes from Good Will ($6, Steve Madden), belt from Charming Charlie’s, dress is Target MANY years ago.

There you have it….what I wore Wednesday…linking up to The Pleated Poppy.

P.S. The past week I have been enjoying the clothing tips from this cute gal in my old stomping grounds of Rexburg, Idaho, The Daybook.

P.S.S. I am dreaming of taking my family to France to live for a year like Design Mom.

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  1. I LOVE your style. Love your braids.. and REALLY love your hair up!! I tend to wear mine down most of the time, too, and wish I was better at up-do’s that work & stay, for me.
    I hear you on the red thing.. it’s probably the color I’d skip most. But I have to say, you look STRIKING in that black & red ensemble.. and your Good Will shoes are my fave! :)
    I love babydolls, and enjoyed your thoughts on that. I’ve had enough babies, that I find it perhaps my most flattering to wear. :) Oh, and I’m crazy for hats. You look super cute in yours!
    Thanks (as awlways) for the inspiration! Enjoyed this!

  2. I love the red shoes and belt with the simple black dress!

  3. Loved this post even though I am so not a style person :)

    Loved seeing this side of you, Kristen.

  4. I am in love and what I love the most is that everything is from Old navy or target well not everything but a lot of it and that makes my heart happy because that means I CAN ACTUALLY GO OUT AND GET CUTE THINGS for a GOOD PRICE! I am in need of an entire closet makeover!

    Now I want to go shopping! Just wish I had someone like you to take with me!

  5. I am in love and what I love the most is that everything is from Old navy or target well not everything but a lot of it and that makes my heart happy because that means I CAN ACTUALLY GO OUT AND GET CUTE THINGS for a GOOD PRICE! I am in need of an entire closet makeover!

    Now I want to go shopping! Just wish I had someone like you to take with me!

  6. It is kind of a fun past time to dress up a little every once in a while. I am glad that you shared your cute style. I love your brown hat and of course, the comfy boots :)

  7. Welcome to WIWW! Your first couple of outfits are my weekend wear as I have to dress up for work everyday. I’m trying to do a bit better on the weekends, especially if I go out. Love the red and black Vday look. The shoes are awesome and a great find, coming from a fellow Goodwill shopper. It’s my fav store! Also loving the blue on blue. Thanks for joining in, hope you are inspired and keep at it!

  8. You look AMAZING in blue! Your church sweater looks amazing on you! Oh and the red shoes from the G-Dub! LOVE THEM!!

  9. I love the styles you put together. Especially the blue outfit. And I have the same red shoes, I love them.

  10. Visiting via The Pleated Poppy.

    You are completely adorable!

    I am currently hosting a Royal Wedding Wear GIVEAWAY featuring reader bridal gowns, hats, veil and engagement rings. I’d love for you to link up.

    Past posts are ok.

  11. Rachael Penman says:

    I so love Target, it’s the only place that I can stick my kid in the cart get groceries, home goods, toys, and a cute outfit in one swoop!
    Kristen you are such a talented, genuine, and definitely stylish person! Thanks for sharing your super cute style with us.

  12. Margaret says:

    Love your style. I need to work on expressing myself more with my clothing. right now it is a black t-shirt and jeans every day. Pretty boring, but it makes me feel like I am not drawing too much attention to myself. Thanks for a fun post!

  13. You are so adorable! I really love your style! The black dress with red looks amazing. I’m not a big red fan either, but I love it in this outfit. Some red just really, really works. All of your cute accessories and headbands really make your outfits stand out. I’m a huge headband fan, too!

  14. LOVE your Sunday outfit :) Totally looks like something I would *try* to wear! Those shoes! Adorable!
    And love the braids :) I totally forgot about them until like a week ago and now I can’t stop putting them in my hair!

  15. What a fun post! LOVE the last two outfits, you’re a cute thing!!

  16. You are absolutely adorable. Love all your outfits. Your black dress and red heels are HOT. Love your braids too. Glad I found you today. ;)

  17. Caroline says:

    I love that you express yourself through dress! and you do a fantastic job at it- I always love how you dress so fun and stylish- just like your personality! you are a stylin momma and it’s fun to be around you!
    ps- cute corsage on your turqoise sweater if I do say so myself;)

  18. I love all of your cute cardigans and fun hat! The last outfit is my favorite. Very pretty!

  19. Our family lived in Cannes for 3 months last summer and it was wonderful! If you have the chance, you should totally do it!

  20. Love the Steve Madden shoes! What a find!

  21. You look fantastic in red though! That was my favorite look!!! So elegant and pretty and flattering! JMO.

  22. So stinkin’ fun! Your WIWW is awesome! If you would like I would love to have you link up to my First Fashion Friday! Anything Fashion goes. It is a way for me to stay feminine with a house full of boys!