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My mantle with handmade stockings

I printed the center subway art from Eighteen25 last year, and I love it so much! Spray painted my frame red, and included some other simple decorations. Nothing too crafty.  Now to my stockings…I am SO bummed I can’t find the page I ripped out of a magazine years ago (I had it right here yesterday, but it must have been needed by the aliens who stole it).  It was a crate & barrel magazine with felt stockings and a tree skirt.  I knew when I started my family that I didn’t want to get a stocking for my first child that I wouldn’t be able to match with my 4th child, so when I found this ad for inpiration for something I could make, I was really happy!  My mom helped me a few years ago get started, and I just made my  youngests a few days ago. Boys get stripes, girls get circles (I ran out to make my hubby’s, I’ll get to that in a year or two).

I really like the simplicity of the look and  pop of color.


The stockings are actually pre-made from Michael’s a year or two ago.  Not sure if they still have them.  Could easily be assembled with felt. Ironed on some cirlce’s, and some are stickers as felt!  I had 3 of the kids names embroidered at the top (blurred on here) I need to get the adults and our youngests done. I think I’d like to add some stitching here and there for extra texture, but for now…this is how it is;)  Link up if you have pics to your mantle, I’d love to see!

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  1. I love the little wire-y trees. Where did you find them? Cute stockings, too. They are really You. :o)

  2. love your mantle!! you always do a great job making it festive for what ever holiday it is! Cute stockings too!!!

  3. Your mantle looks so pretty! And those little stocking are just about the cutest things I’ve seen in a long time! Great job! I should have made my own this year, since my little guy didn’t have one. Thanks for inspiring the rest of us!

  4. literally just finished taking pictures. will link up soon!

  5. cute, cute, cute…