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My Love Story: One Chapter at a Time

Every time I tell the story of  how my hubby and I met and dated, I get all sorts of mixed reactions.  It’s a crazy story, and I love it because it’s mine. I’m writing little bits at a time, here is where it all began.

Chapter 1 Little Fish

Chapter 2 Many Crushes

Chapter 3 Timid Emails

Chapter 4 The Brother

Chapter 5 Another Spark

Chapter 6 Small Moments

Chapter 7: Christmas Break

Chapter 8: Ten Thousand Feet

Chapter 9: California Weekend

Chapter 10: First Kiss

Chapter 11: Uncertain Heart

Chapter 12: Valentines Day

Chapter 13: President’s Day

Chapter 14: Bleeding Heart

Chapter 15: Just Friends

Chapter 16: Semester End

Chapter 17: The Letters

Chapter 18: Oceans Apart

Chapter 19: My Boyfriend

Chapter 20: Moving Forward

Chapter 21: Mixed Emotions

Chapter 22: Houston Texas

More to come…



Kristen Duke

Kristen Duke

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Kristen Duke
Kristen Duke
Kristen Duke
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