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My little family on the beach in California

We took a trip last month to California.  My friend Shari Hansen took us to her secret spot on the beach and took our pics.  I always have big ideas in my head about the laughter and joy my family will experience in the process of pictures.  I don’t expect too much, just a bit of cooperation.  They do well  most of the time, but this day they were being silly, and I wanted a little more listening.  After I requested that my husband have “a little chat” with the boys, they were slightly more cooperative.  Really, I like  candid images the best….I just don’t want to see the back of their heads.  I just wanted a few posed to start with.  I mean, isn’t it normal for every family to endure a family photo shoot 2-3 times a year every other year like I do with mine?  Along with Shari, my hubby’s sister Karen came and snapped some of us (haven’t seen those yet) and after I simmered down a bit, all was well.  I was mostly worried because we got there late and the light was going fast.  No time for shenanigans. It was a lovely spot (a few other photographers thought so as well) and we were great entertainment with what looked like a first date having a picnic a few feet away from us (see one of the shots below).

Disclaimer~  I did not take any of the images below.  They were all taken by Shari Hansen Photography (Huntington Beach, CA area). I, however edited them and placed my watermark on them because I don’t want my family images stolen from my site and used elsewhere…so don’t be fooled by my logo on the images;)

The girls…

My boys…I love all 3 of their laughing smiles here.

At the time this was taken, I wasn’t very happy with the smirk/eye roll, but I kinda love it now:)  These are the moments that I enjoy remembering.

My older daughter didn’t want to get her feet in the water because she knew the end result was sand sticking to her feet….I love these running shots.


Little one was so content on daddy’s shoulders…just chillin’

Those boys adore that baby girl…and I can’t believe she left that flower in her hair the whole time!

Maybe a little begging above…;)  I got Sprinkles cupcakes for the first time ever.  Though they were quite delicious, I’m not sure I tasted them fully with the mayhem around me.

Shari berry and me…I took her maternity pics that morning;)

Thank you, Shari!!!  To see the images that she edited of our family from this shoot, see her blog here, Shari Hansen Photography.

P.S. I am guest posting  over at Southern Lovely today.  Lindsay’s blog is one that I discovered a while ago and really enjoy her ideas (favorites include: lima bean wreath, painted rug, braided flower necklace, painted shoes).  Lindsay asked me to kick-off a series on her cute blog called What I know, and she has a whole lineup of great bloggers to guest post, through til December. So add her blog to your list to see what she has in store!

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  1. Gorgeous pics. What a handsome family you are and I LOVE the color scheme. Blue and yellow are my favorite colors and they look beautiful on that beach. What fun pictures and awesome that they were taken by a friend. Although I have to admit that looking at cupcakes on the beach makes me think of sand in my mouth!
    Beautiful! (I love the sunset silhouette!)

  2. love the silhouette shot!

  3. Gorgeous. I can’t get over how grown up your oldest is looking! Love the color scheme, the darling accessories and the fun your family has together. Even sharing cupcakes! Impressive! You are all beautiful and I love the eye roll too.

    Dave and I had our engagement pics taken on that same stretch of beach… memories. :)

  4. Amazing photos of your family! I LOVE the color scheme, the location, the cupcakes, the silhouette, and the kid’s expressions! I especially love the one of T feeding A the cupcake-aww!! I have always wanted to have family pictures taken on the beach, now even more so after seeing your photos!

  5. Beautiful! I love how real & fun & colorful these photos are. As one who is always behind the camera – I envy what treasures these are to have with your family!!

  6. Kristen,
    These are beautiful!
    Could you please tell us where you got all the clothes for kids and you?

  7. Ack! All of them are so pretty. The color scheme is so YOU! Love it! My favorite pic is the one with your head on M’s shoulder. So romantic! Your smile is so sweet.:o)

  8. Beautiful photos! I bet the one with the smirk will be a family favorite for years. :)

  9. These are gorgeous! I love, love how those little moments were captured between your family. So sweet.

    Thanks again for the wonderful guest post you did on my blog today. Your tips were perfect!

  10. Karen Peterson says:

    What a lovely family you have; enjoy the chaos around you because this is truly a glimpse of life as it is and I really enjoyed seeing your family like this. Even the eye rolling as you will look back in 10 years and realize that amazing son still has the same fun personality after all those years. Beautiful pics and thanks for sharing!!

  11. what a cute family!!

  12. Love these! She got some great shots of you guys!! I think my favorites are the last two :) I love that you shared your family photo shoot!

  13. I just wanted to tell you that you take amazing photos and you have such a beautiful family!!

  14. dude i am so behind in reading blogs. i am so happy that you like your pictures! it was crazy-fun and just how a family session should be!!!!!! reminded me so much of my own family — and you kept your cool quite well! :) xoxo


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