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My husband, the triathlete

Ever since I’ve known my hubby, he has competed in triathlons.  He started the triathlon club at BYU when he was single and by default became the club president.  It inspired me to do a triathlon on my own when baby #2 was just 7 months old.  That in turn inspired my older brother to enter one and this Memorial Day, my dad is doing his first. I am grateful my hubby is healthy, it isn’t my strong point.  It is who he is, his way of being.  I had to adjust to this early on in our marriage because pretty much every day he works out.  Luckily now, he does it on his lunch break during the work week.  But every Saturday without fail, he cycles.  An adjustment I am willing to make for his happiness. Exercise makes him happy (I wish I could figure that one out for myself).

Last Saturday he competed in a local triathlon at Lake Pflugerville.  It was a smaller event, but very family friendly. I took the troops down to cheer him on.

Swim caps really aren’t very fashion friendly.

In our new congregation, he has found a few friends that enjoy the sport as well.  They trained some together and had comraderie as they competed.

The supportive wives (rockin’ our shades)…I’m sure the kids are running amock behind us.

In the downtime, the kids had stuff to do…

A little of this here and there…

Luckily, some of this…

And here we all are in our disshevled glory.  Hubby got 3rd place in his age category.  Yay!  It was all of that cheering we did for him…”Go, Daddy, Go!”

 After 2 hours outside at this event, my boys had a flag football game, then my workshop that afternoon, then I ran 11 miles in the evening with 2 friends.  Did I mention I’ve been training since November for a half marathon?  Yeah, this is big.  Previously, I had never run more than a 5k.  It’s in 3 weeks. I’m pretty excited.

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  1. I am amazed at triathletes, AND half marathon runners!!! I am excited for you for your race and so impressed!

  2. Yay Michael! I love seeing the photos you take of his races. Make me so happy :) And I’m so amazed by you! Training for your half marathon – that’s incredible!

  3. 11 miles holy cow girl you rock. I am so not a runner but I am trying hard to change that and have been walking daily and adding a little bit of running in there. and it sucks ugh how do you do it.. :)

    Your husband rocks that is truly amazing..!

  4. Looks like fun! I borrowed my friend’s B.O.B. stroller the other day…wow. Those are nice strollers! It practically moved itself!