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My hubby’s phone pics from our trip to the East Coast

Sometimes I pass off a camera device to my hubby or kids, other times, hubby just takes them on his own.  Though rare of an event that that is, he snapped a few fun candid moments while on our trip, and a bunch include me!

Off on our adventure, roaming through the airport….

I decompressed watching TV in our hotel room after the Saturday night workshop.  We had a suite, so the boys could watch basketball and I got to watch MY show! It was wonderful…

Hubby took this of me near the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia, just before I met the family I was photographing that morning.

What’s up with the crazy look on my face here?  At the top of the Empire State Building.


On the ferry ride from Staten Island to Manhattan (we took it 4 times since we slept in Staten Island). Eating a fresh “Long Island” apple and listening to my tunes (the new Gavin DeGraw song was played over and over).

Ok, the kids took this with his phone inside of the Hard Rock Cafe in Baltimore.   Not really the best pic, but one of the few of us looking and smiling on this trip.

As we waited for our plane in Baltimore to fly home, I plopped my head on hubby’s lap and stretched out.  He took a few of me, then my son grabbed his phone and took one (I’m trying to teach them).  Sadly for me, his phone is newer than mine and takes better pictures.  I really love these…

 That’s all folks!  My real pictures might seem anti-climactic after seeing this sneak peek, but I thought I’d give you a little sampling….

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  1. I love seeing my world through the eyes of my husband and boys.

  2. I love that last picture. It really captures the moment.

  3. Jacqueline says:

    Cute – nice to see you in pictures, even if the quality isn’t as great as camera pictures. Looking forward to seeing the “real” pics too!

  4. Looks like a fabulous trip! And I love the sweet pictures of you & your husband. What fun memories for your family!

  5. Jenny Whiting says:

    I also really like those last few pictures in the airport. And I love the jeans you are wearing there – what brand are they or where did you get them? It’s fun to see all these pictures. We lived in Philadelphia for 4 years while my husband went to dental school there, and we also traveled to NYC, Baltimore, and DC a lot. So fun that you got to go there with your two boys. Our kids were little then, and I’d love to take my oldest two back (8 and 6) now that they could enjoy it even more.

  6. Meghan Grace says:

    I really love these photos! So real and a family filled with love!

  7. The pics of you and Michael are cute. :)