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My home town

I know I said Wednesday was my day, but I was working on those engagement picts, so I’m not gonna hold myself to one day anymore:) What I love about my hometown is the local donut shop. They are sooooo yummy! They ship to around the country. Better than Kr*spe Kr*me. More cake-like. I go through the drive thru from time to time and get this whole bag of a “dozen” donut holes for $1. I can’t go alone or I’ll eat them all. My kids love ‘em, too, so that helps. Plus they also have the yummy ice balls and I get my cup of ice water and munch on the ice all day. ISO 100 f 3.2 1/2000 50mm lens
ISO 100 f 2.2 1/8000 50mm lens
ISO 100 f 4.5 1/1600 50mm lens

I also love the water tower that is just behind the donut shop off of our Main Street.

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  1. Tobi Wilkinson says:

    YUMMY!! I’ll have to try your donut shop next time I’m in the area.

  2. Kris–will you also comment if you did anything to the shot in photo shop (color enhancement or whatever) :)

  3. Kristen Joy says:

    I put a bit of a vignette at the corner edges and used an action (photoshop preset) that I put on all my images that just slightly brightens the overall color. I’ll eventually do a little before and after of what an image looks like….good idea, heather:)