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My family in the Texas Bluebonnets

I don’t necessarily take my kids out every year to capture them in the bluebonnets, because the novelty of those lovely flowers wore off of me a few years ago. I mean, one can hardly tell that this picture in 2004: 

Is taken a year after this picture in 2003:

(Both taken with my film slr camera, as is.  Scanned the prints today)

One must look closely at my hair and fuller face (6 months after baby) and my boys sleeves to know they aren’t the same time frame.

That was the last time we did it as a family. I broke the current cardinal rule of not being matchy matchy, and wore all white tops and tan bottoms both years!  What was I thinking?  I should have at least worn something slightly different to differentiate the years. Then another year or two later, I put my daughter in pale lavendar with my boys in white, when my older daughter was almost one.

Guess who wasn’t saying NO to Auto then??? Something happened in a year because my photography improved (I went full Manual), but my editing left a little something to be desired.

Just before age 2 with the pettiskirts: 

Then a year later… 

I recently pulled this outfit out of a bin in the attic for my youngest.  I thought it would be fun to try to immitate these shots, since the bluebonnets are out, and all. So we went for a family outting to a field nearby, and we took some shots.

It was pretty much impossible to pose my little one the same way we did with her big sister a few years ago…even though we (my older daughter and I) tried. So here are just a bunch of fun shots we took…while my boys watched but mostly explored the woods around us.

Does she look like her big sister?

Below, I asked her to put her hands in her pockets and she went looking for them…then dad stepped in to guide her….then she got it and looked whistfully in the distance…

Big sister practicing some shots while giving instruction. Notice the backwards shirt–we do that a lot, as needed.

Immitating herself, 4 years before…


When I was editing these images, I found myself talking to her (the images) in the baby voice I use when I just can’t get enough of her cuteness. She is my baby, after all…

The End.

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  1. An absolutely beautiful setting–for a completely gorgeous family! Thanks for sharing these!

  2. it is so fun to see your family grow up — and to see your photography improve! gives me hope for the future :) your girls really look alike!

  3. The girls are gorgeous — the pink boots kill me! :o) But you, my friend are looking so slim! And your hair! I will forever be envious of your thick wavy locks. :o) We need to get together soon. Maybe you guys have a free weekend soon?

  4. lovely! :)

  5. Hey Kristen- these are fabulous. Quick photography questions: What time of day where these taken and where was the sun? Were you in open shade? Thanks for the tips. :)

    PS- you look beautiful! Next time we meet up hopefully I’ll be in better shape so I can feel comfortable doing a full session with my kiddos! :)

  6. Kristen, I LOVE these pictures!!! Everything about them. You have beautiful girls, and I can see where they get their beauty – from their beautiful mama!

  7. Always so interesting to see how we progress over the years – thanks for sharing. Love the pink boots and jean skirt!

  8. Angela Hanson says:

    Your pictures are amazing. It’s fun to see how far you’ve come with your photography skills! :)

    Also, you look great! I’m dying to know what you did to lose a few pounds. :)

  9. Fun to see these photos in the bluebonnets over the years. Your girls are adorable and your photography fantastic!

  10. Kristen, the bluebonnets & your kids are beautiful. But YOU look AMAZING!!!

  11. Kristen Duke says:

    Thank you, dear friends! Jessica, these were taken in the evening, and yes in the shade, as the sun set behind the trees so I still got that golden glow;)Angela–weight loss post is in the works…

  12. Lori Duffin says:

    Loved looking throught these pictures. The flowers were beautiful and it was cute to see you recreate the picture with Callie. I love looking at old photos and going back to the time they were taken and remembering the fun family times.

  13. Margaret says:

    Beautiful pictures. I agree, you look amazing. And where did you get those cute shorts?

  14. Norman hill says:

    I love these previous/current shots. They are so good. Sometimes it is all I can do to keep from crying my eyes out when
    I look at them. Love you and your kiddies so very, very much.

  15. Norman hill says:


  16. Jacqueline says:

    Too cute! And nice lighting too!

  17. Kristen you look incredible! Have you lost weight recently? I don’t remember you ever looking heavy but you look very slim in these shots! I’m currently pregnant with baby #4 which happened immediately after baby #3 not allowing me to lose any of the baby weight. I look at you and think, she has 4 , I CAN do it too! lol wish me luck!