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My family in the snow

My two favorite shots that I plan to print big.  You know, I’m all about decorating with large portraits!

I’ve had this vision for a while of doing some family pictures in the snow in bright colors.  I got my hot pink winter coat in January and I planned everything around that.  My oldest daughter already had a pink coat (I am slightly obsessed with the color) and all 3 boys already had their hooded jackets, so the baby green hooded sweater was the only article of clothing purchased for this.  Well, my older sons green pants, too. 

My sister-in-law in Philadelphia heard me say I was looking for someone to do some knitting and she suggested a friend of hers that is working on getting an etsy shop up and running.  Her name is Jenny, and her blog is here.  (I also had her make the flower scarf and hat she shows on her blog for me for another occasion).  I was so excited to custom order all the pieces–picking the colors I wanted and describe exactly what I wanted  Mostly hats, but also a pair of mittens, the baby shoes, and my scarf.  My hubby said he was not interested in a knitted hat, but I wish I would have done a blue scull cap or something…oh well.  Funny thing is, he could use a hat more than any of us, since he has the least amount of hair.  Jenny did a GREAT job and was very patient with my specific terms.  She has some other cute stuff on her blog, check it out!

When we planned to take our drive to Utah for a family wedding, I plotted out what we would wear.  I wasn’t sure when during our 5 day stay we should do this, and I knew it would be a bit of a hassle.  My family already gets tired of my scheming, but they really are pretty good about it.  I decided to go for the shoot on our first day there.  We were staying up in Northern Utah with my grandparents and my friend Kelsey drove up from Provo to hang out with us.  I knew she was the perfect gal to do the snapping for us.  I set up my camera settings, gave her a quick tutorial on my back button focus, and a few other tips, and she fired away. 

My only sadness is we weren’t able to go to a spot that had a view of the mountains in the distance.  Mostly these look like they could be a white backdrop, but it was all we could get.  We had to drive up to the mountains near a ski resort to get lots of snow, and as we drove around for a bit looking for the perfect stopping point, I just couldn’t spot specifically what I wanted.  So I settled just a bit for lots of snow vs. a little snow and mountain in the distance.  Here is a pull back shot of the mountain we were on.  The kids had fun climbing all the way up.

I thought it would be fun to add some blooper moments.  Though I don’t picture them as large on the wall, they make me laugh and I may include them in a collage.  If nothing else but to share some fun moments, bring a smile, or show that most families have craziness going on during a family shoot–especially mine!

…really odd that some of these are darker in blogger…
My cute 80 something grandparents
My hubby took a few of me….should I change my profile picture?:)

P.S. I may or may not have done some “doctoring” to create the perfect images in the first two.  I figure…the moments all happened, maybe I just squeezed a few of them together.

Any favorites?

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  1. LOOOOOOVE them! I am so sad that we didn't realize soon enough that we were in the same place! I would have loved to have scheduled a shoot with you. We desperately need a new family portrait. :P Next time, lets coordinate better! Ü

  2. I love your family portraits, they are the best. It shows that you have a real talent for not only being behind the camera, but bringing life and interest and fun to in front of the camera too. LOVE the colors!!!

  3. hippymom74 says:

    SOOOO cute! You guys look great in those colors. You have an adorable family and thanks for the publicity!

  4. LOVE the bright colors against the snow!

  5. Melissa says:

    Great pictures! I found your blog through the Idea room and Im here to learn more! (Im afraid of going manual on my slr camera :D)

  6. These pictures are fabulous! Love the colors!

  7. Anyone actually help make tremendously reports I’d point out. Right here is the first-time We visited your internet-site site and so a lot? My partner and i pleasantly surprised together with the research you’ve made to produce that submit incredible. Amazing work!


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