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My cute nephew and GivEaWay!

Got to spend time with my cute red headed nephew this past weekend and snapped a few to document his 6 month milestone.  I just love him!

Since I am starting to sell some landscape prints, I am going to give an 8×10 mounted print away to a random reader.  A mounted print looks nicely with an easel on a tabletop.

All you have to do is: 
1.  Become a follower of this blog or a fan on facebook.  Both can be done through the sidebar on the blog. 
2. Then leave a comment and tell me which print you’d like from my landscape images. 

CLICK HERE to see all my landscape prints.  Tell me the post title and describe the image (sorry they aren’t numbered or named yet). 

I know an 8×10 isn’t huge, but if you want to upgrade to a larger print, I will give the upgrade to you at cost plus shipping.

This giveaway ends Wednesday, April 7th at midnight Texas time.

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  1. shari berry bo-berry says:

    you better bet I'm going to enter!!!!!!!!!!!

    my husband and I both LOVE the shot under the pier from Puerto Rico… just gorgeous! :)

  2. You made me a follower, yes yes please. Um, I'm gonna have to go with the black and white cattle roping one…for my wanna be cowboy.

  3. Oooh! I totally want to own one of your landscapes!! I follow and am a FB fan.

    As for the print I would want… there are too many to chose from! I love them all. I think my favourite is the Puerto Rico pier photo. Actually, I love all of the Puerto Rico pics… but that one in particular!

  4. Courtney K. says:

    I found your blog on "The Idea Room" and I'm so excited that I did! I love your work and think your style is wonderful! I love the very first photo under the Puerto Rico post…the one with the red leaf. This would look fantastic in my living room!!

    I'm a follower and a fan on Facebook!!

  5. I love the pier photo! The vivid colors and the simple content drew me into the photo and held me captive. I just wanted to keep looking at the photo! Beautiful work!

  6. Vale Johnsons says:

    Such a hard choice!! I actually want either the Wheat or Cow pictures. I'm the Secretary for the Chamebr of Commerce in my town ( and I would REALLY like to put one of these in the office!!

    THANKS for the chance! OH – and that's Emily Scharman in those pictures! I met her when I lived in Goose Creek SC!! CRAZY!

  7. wendy_oz says:

    I found you through your post on The Idea Room! I love the covered bridge photos. :) My favorite is the fourth photo in your "My kinda heaven" post.

  8. Wonderful work! Choices, choices, I was never good at choosing when given so many great options :) If I had to pick one though, I would choose the pier photo as well. It is so interesting and unique. Love it!

  9. thehillbillies says:

    I am a wannabe photographer (can a person a wannabe?) I, too, was on newspaper and yearbook taking photos. I captured some bald eagles a couple weeks ago, and many of your photos inspire me to just get out there and start snapping away more than I do!
    I am a farm girl at heart so the black angus cow under the tree calls to me. Thanks for sharing such wonderful talent, I am definitely a follower!!!

  10. KennaWilde says:

    I follow!

    Can I first just say, all of your pictures are beautiful and I love the Puerto Rico photos! I would love to have the picture of the ocean, the sail boats and the palm tree on the left. So pretty! Something to keep me breathing when I wake up to snow all over the ground!

  11. Wow! Nice photos! I like photo #2 under the post "My Kinda Heaven." It would match the decor in my living room! I am now a follower of your blog!

  12. Hi Kristen! I found you through The Idea Room. I'd have to say my favorite is the pier in PR. Beautiful! I got my SLR a few months ago and I'm just learning the ropes. AKA, I really have no clue what I'm doing yet! I've been hesitant to get photoshop so far and I wanted your opinion on it. Is it a must if I want to produce really good photographs? I guess part of it is the cost (after I just invested a lot on my camera), and also I've heard it's not the easiest program to use. What do you think? I hope you don't mind! Thanks!

  13. I found you through Idea Room, your photography is beautiful. My brother just moved to Texas and I'd love to give picture #2 of the Texas Bluebonnets (April 6, 2009) to my mom. I know she would love it, and it would be a nice little piece of where her son is.

    I'm a fan and I follow.

  14. Long time follower here. I'm so excited about this giveaway. I truly love the one from Puerto Rico with the red leaf. Stunning!

  15. I just found your website…its great! I love the brown covered bridge!! If I win contact:

  16. Kelly K. says:

    I'm now a follower!

    I would love the Puerto Rico shot under the pier. Love the colors and texture.

  17. I just became a follower of your blog! My fav photo is the brick walkway (one with out the leaf) I love it! Although, they are all beautiful!

  18. i'm now following! i love the beach shot with the sun coming through the clouds!

    just got on slr last year and am excited to learn more! thanks for your post at the idea room!

  19. Brandon says:

    I'm a fan on facebook!

    Post title: "My kinda heaven"

    Image #4, the covered bridge on right side of image

    Love it!

    Brandon (at) parentsareimportant (dot) com

  20. { erin } says:

    I am absolutely in love with the shot of the license plates (the top one where the license plates fill the photo). For years I have had a grid of license plates hanging on my wall (5 wide, 4 deep). I love the way it looks and all of the funny comments I get ("I don't get it"). This photo really stuck out to me.

    Thanks for the chance to enter!! Erin

  21. jen@odbt says:

    Puerto Rico – I love the pier shot – so amazing.

  22. Harmony says:

    I love the Salt Lake Temple shot you took while in Utah. It is one of my favorite temples to photograph, and I have an old one I stole from my mom. If I won your's, I could give hers back! I love photography and the beauty you capture. I came from Idea Room, and loved the pics you did for her also while you visited our beautiful state. I'm now a follower! THanks!

  23. Craftify It! says:

    I'm a new follower! Love your pictures! I would love the print looking through the palm trees out into the water & you can see the yellow boat…

    I want to frame it to hang in my bathroom!

  24. Just became a facebook fan. Love your work.

    My Kinda Heaven – the red bridge pic – just love it.

  25. leardonsbelle says:

    I found your blog through the Idea Room. I love your work! I would have to say my favourite landscape is of the red maple leaf in the water. Thanks for the giveaway!

  26. Jeff and Lori says:

    So gorgeous!!! I love the shot under the pier, but I also LOVE the water fountain in Puerto Rico. If I did win, I'd have to have my husband make up my mind :)

  27. Margaret says:

    Great pictures! I am trying to learn photography as well, but am still in the "auto" phase on my camera. I love the red maple leaf picture (as well as a dozen other ones). I am a new follower on your blog.

  28. Hi! I came over here from the Idea Room and am now a follower. Your photography is :o) I have to admit that my husband has had a digital SLR camera for well over a year, and I've only just learned to use the automatic setting within the last month. Fstops, etc are frightening but your photography inspires me to learn more!

    Anyway, I love, love, love the picture under the pier from Puerto Rico. My kids have an beach themed bathroom, and this would be beautiful in there.


  29. wow, which landscape is my favorite?? who can pick just one!?

    The bluebonnets are calling my name! This Houston cowgirl is missing home all the way out here in Boston, Massachusetts!

    Great pics, Love your work :)

  30. So many great photos to choose from…which makes it hard but I think if I won I would like the one on the beach with the sun shining through the clouds..#13 on the post of heaven. It would look great in beach themed bedroom.
    Great work!

  31. Hello!I'm a follower and a fan now. :)

    I love photoghraphy and am always trying to learn new things, so I loved your post at "The Idea Room." Thanks for sharing your great tips!

    My favorite landscape portrait is under the Puerto Rico and is of the water splashing over the birdbath looking thing. :) I would love this for my husband and I in our bedroom with the verse "he that cometh to me shall never thirst again" underneath. :)

    Thanks again for sharing your photos with us!

  32. I just became a follower before even reading on that there was a give-away. :)
    I loved the post you wrote for the Idea Room on your photography history, you nailed a lot of parallels from within my own photography journey (though I'm not nearly as far along as you!)

    I never win things, but I'll chime in on my favorite from your landscape collection:
    For some reason I really love the black cow, green pasture, & leafless tree photo. (post title "our country excusrion")
    I love the bare bones of big ole trees. And that cow just has character. :)

    Happy shooting to you!

  33. Amanda S. says:

    Wow beautiful pictures! I love the one of Bridal Veil Falls, We went there several years ago and this is a beautiful picture of it! I also like the one of your uncle roping. My dad loves to rope and it totally reminds me of those moments i got to tag along. Beautiful.

  34. Beth Eaton says:

    I stopped by to say hi! I came over from The Idea Room!! I love your portraist and would love to see more suggestions on making mine better. Thanks for sharing with us!!

  35. The Hills says:

    you are amazing! i came from the idea room too! i am now a follower!

  36. i'm a follower and love the puerto rico fountain picture :D

  37. I am a follower! I just found your blog and I love it!

  38. Oh how I love the red covered bridge! What a georgous picture!

  39. Mandy Frehner says:

    I am now a follower and I would love the Puerto Rico blue bricks. Just love the shot.

  40. love love love the pier and the fountain from puerto rico….they're awesome…i just stumbled upon emma jo's blog and loved it so decided to follow it…thanks for your comments!

  41. These are so amazing! I love the Puerto Rico landscapes. My husband and I went to Puerto Rico last summer for our 10th anniversary! the pictures brought back memories! I especially love the city scene! I can't wait to read your photography Q&A tomorrow.

  42. Carolyn Jae says:

    Wow! I LOVE your landscapes! They are so beautiful! I just become a follower of your blog and, like another commenter here, I am a wannabee photographer. With 7 kids, I sure have alot of subjects! Okay – if I had to choose one of your landscapes for a print – I would choose the one of the Salt Lake Temple – BEAUTIFUL!

  43. Michelle says:

    I am a new follower! Your work is just beautiful! I love the pier photo (#2).

  44. I'm a Facebook Fan and a subscriber to your blog… and I'm lucky enough to know you from high school days!

    They're all so lovely, but because I miss Texas soooo much, my favorite would have to be from your Texas Bluebonnets post… specifically the second shot.

  45. HawesFam says:

    Just became a follower of your blog. Thanks for giving photography advice. I have always wanted to do it as a side business, but not sure how to start. I think the hardest thing is spending the money on the Camera. I have a manual camera and a point and shoot digital, but would like a manual digital. Any ideas of where to get a nice digital for cheap? Are you located in Utah?

  46. Shannon says:

    I just got a Nikon D300 last year and am hoping to one day turn it into a business. Your work is beautiful! I would love the pier picture, the second one in the landscapes.

  47. Melissa says:

    Your work is awesome. I have an early Kristen Duke you took of my kiddos many many Valentines ago. When your famous it will be worth big bucks. :)

    I'm a fan and a follower and as unlucky as they come, so I won't win, but if I did I'd want either the license plates or the temple spires. Oh, I'd love those temple spires big in my girls' bedroom. :)

  48. Tiffany Meagan says:

    I would LOVE an 8X10 of the boat on the water and palm trees

  49. BJ_Mama says:

    I think I'm late….by, like an hour! BUMMER! Just wanted to tell you I'm following you anyway! LOVE YOUR WORK!…and if I would have been on time, I would have chose the fountain pic…as it would look perfect in our bathroom.

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