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My crazy life in the past 10 days

{My daughter took this, and encouraged me to “smile with my teeth” when I flashed a half hearted grin at her.}

I have so many fun things to share, but have been having some major computer issues!  Story of my life…really. I’m sure you would like to know every sorted detail about how I’ve been on the phone with Adobe for hours, cried some tears to them, wanted to pull out my hair and poke my eyeballs at the same time, but I’ll spare you the details.  I am in between computers right now, so doing the best to work with what I have until I can have my new setup. Until then, it may take one hour to process one image. But I think I got a way around all of my frustration…for now.

It’s been the last week of summer vacation around here, and I wanted to squeeze in every ounce of fun I could, and hope to check off every item on our check list, but alas….a few will be left un checked. But we have done a LOT of fun stuff, and I have no regret about our summer fun.  In fact, my hubby has been feeling kindof sad hearing about all of our daily adventures, so he will be less tortured when school starts next week. Here is a snippet of my crazy life in the past 10 days (besides the computer issues that I do not have a record of) via my phone camera.  In no particular order:

Our last Wednesday pool play date. Our church group does a park play date on Wednesdays during the school year, but in the summers we all get together and rotate neighborhood pools, and this was our last hoorah. We schedule our weeks around these play dates (I do organize them, so I kinda gotta go) and we all love the socializing with friends and ordering pizza at lunch time.

We drove an hour to a snake farm, where there were hundreds of snakes, but also other exotic animals. It was pretty cool.

Last Saturday, I photographed a really fun first birthday party (I planned to post it last week, but you know…computer issues). Look for it on Monday!I hosted our ladies book club and whipped up a yummy menu of food, hoping to share that, too with a few recipes.  One of my closests friends, Alisha, had a birthday (Middle, blue pants), and this pic is 3 of us out to lunch, then I helped her husband plan a surprise party for her in the evening…I love surprises. She’s the one who let me cry on her couch two weeks ago when I was finalizing details of the new site (see end of post here). On Thursday, my kids hosted a mini olmpics at our home, kitchen stools for hurdles. With about 15 kids and 4 events, it turned out pretty rockin’!

That night, we waited in our homes for a 3 hour window for our elementary school “welcome walk.” The teachers come knocking at our doors, and thats how we find out who our kids will have for the year. This pic was my daughter and I stressfully waiting. I was a ball of nerves, I’ll tell ya…
Yesterday, Friday morning, I took my son to his middle school orientation. Yep, I’m the mom of a middle schooler, now. He is not nervous at all, and even opened up his locker on the first try!
 In the evening (last night) we had invited a handful of his good friends over for a back to school night. You see…my boy is like his dad…not super social, and the socialite in me wants to help foster socializing…get him acclimated to middle school easier. Most of these kids he hadn’t seen all summer, and I thought it would be a good chance to get together with buddies to re-acquaint themselves before jumping into the lions den on Monday. It was really a lot of fun…pizza and easy games, no sweat.This morning, my kids competed in a swim meet of sorts after a month of 3 days a week instruction. Not quite swim team, but sortof. Wow, have they improved a lot!

I’m also planning a fun back to school dinner tomorrow night, and I’ll share some of that next week.

I’ve been working in overdrive the past few weeks, and though I’m painfully sad to have my kids go back to school full time, I think I might be able to take a big sigh…my toddler is excited to start pre-school, and I’m hoping to get a whole lot done in those 6 hours a week that she’ll be there.

Come back TOMORROW to see the winners of the big giveaway….I’ll be finishing that up late tonight.


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  1. Dang girl! You’ve been busy! That stinks about your computer problems! Aren’t they such a bummer?!
    Jess from Cox’s Corner recently posted..An awesome giveaway!My Profile

  2. Jacqueline says:

    Ahhh…the joys of computers. They’re wonderful when they work. I was wondering what had happened to you. Glad you’re back!