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my birthday fun

Well, 2 days before my bday, our family acquired a new van.  Hubby teased and said it was my bday present, and really I’d be happy with that.

Our old van is nearly 10 years and really struggling.  So dirty, too!

When my b-day hit, I had plans to take my kids out to do something fun for the day, and in the morning, 2 sweet friends came seperately and brought flowers.  I combined them in the vase.

I spent the day with some of my most favorite people!  I told them my wish was for them to show kindness to each other all day…it almost worked…they really did try.

I got calls from my parents, grandparents, siblings, and a few friends.  This is when my dad called from Nigeria to sing to me.  The kids also wanted to chat.

I had been wanting to go to Home Goods for months, and it is about 30 minutes away.  We finally hopped in the car and headed down there.

Love this shot below…if only my baby didn’t look so…interesting.

We made an impromptu lunch date with my friend Heather (one of my half marathon running partners).  We sat outside to eat while our kids played in the 100 degree weather.  We went home for some quiet nap time after that.

We then went to my friend Jessica’s house to decorate some sugar cookies.  I’ve spent my last 3 birthdays with her, and it was fun to carry on the tradition.

Then my hubby picked up some take out for us to eat for dinner and we had a little family party with present opening.  A camera lens mug is on its way to me…very fun!  Notice my daughters shirt?  She insisted on wearing it this day…a gift to her from my mom.

I am on my computer a good amount of time.  I have been working on the smallest square 17 inch screen for YEARS!  I mentioned to hubby recently that I think I’m ready for an upgrade.  This was pretty exciting!  Hubby does not go into stores very often, and he was sneaky and did it all on his own.

Gifts mailed and dropped by from family and friends.  I love the thoughtfulness.

…and look at all these cute ladies in their jammies who showed up on my porch with desserts and didn’t leave til after midnight…

 It was a really great day. Who would have thought that a week before I was in a crowded room crying behind my sunglasses because I felt disconnected with friends?  I blog the good because I like to be positive, but we all have rough times.

P.S. Debra said her cookie recipes/frosting she gets from The Adventures of Sugarbelle–VERY cute stuff over there!

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  1. wow what a fabulous birthday! LOVE the rearview mirror pic! and the birthday banner :) happy birthday, my friend!

  2. What a fabulous sounding birthday and what great friends and family you have!

  3. Happy late birthday! Looks like you had a fabulous time. As for the last part of your post-while building our house, I broke down into tears at the Wal-Mart return counter because I thought no one understood me (mainly my builder). That poor employee thought I was nuts…all this to say that you’re right. We all have rough times!

  4. Oh the thought of you crying makes me hurt…you are amazing and I wish that I was closer so that I wasn’t such a lame friend tied up in my own stuff. Your birthday sounds perfectly fun from beginning to end! I am glad it was a good day!!!

  5. love the PJ party idea :)

  6. So fun, you really do have a great time on your bday huh? thanks for letting me stay till after midnight, I needed a night like that! And what is this about you crying a week before?!?! I know everyone has rough days, but I hope you are alright :( call me if you need to talk!

  7. Caroline says:

    what a F-U-N party…I was REALLY sad to have to miss it, my SIL was visiting from out of state:(
    looks like you had a great day!! love the photos, the gifts and the birthday wish you requested of your kiddos- that’s one I ask for each year too. I’m sad you felt disconnected from friends the week before- I have felt that way too a bit this summer. we need to hang out soon!:)

  8. tricia dunlap says:

    love the bday re-cap! you are also an amazing person and i am honored to know you! we DO all have rough times and i want you to know to call me night or day if you ever need to talk!!! much love to you, my friend!

  9. I love how you documented everything surounding your birthday! And I love what you said about blogging “the good” but “we all go through rough times”. So true, esp for an optimist like yourself. Happy Birthday! That night was so fun!

  10. Kristen what a great birthday. It looks like it was a great day. Happy Birthday!!!