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My Baby turns 4

I love birthdays. For myself, my kids, my friends. Everyone deserves a day to feel special, and I try my hardest to do that for those I love. Especially my kids. My youngest turned 4 today, and I got to spend the day with her. I ditched my routine gym class for a morning jog with her, and she just chilled in the stroller and we chatted a bit and sang some too. I spent the past few days prepping for a party we had this afternoon, so I could relax and play today.  I even documented our entire day together, a day in the life so to speak. I’ll share both of those next week, but I wanted to at least dedicate a post just for her on  her special day so that it will be in the archives of my blog forever after. Here are 3 pictures I took this morning of her in our backyard and kitchen.

birthday girl wig

purple girl  purple party chairI told her last week that I didn’t want her to grow up. It’s selfish because there is so much cuteness and fun at this young age, but I lie when I say that because I enjoy each stage for what it has to offer. I’ll delight in watching her grow because I love her so much, and I know she has so much to offer this world. She is a true joy, and just the other day as she hid behind fabric bolts while I waited for mine to be cut, she giggled when I “spied” her, and ran to hide behind another and the store worker said, “well isn’t she just a little sprite?” Not quite sure what that means, but I knew what she meant. Adorable. I love my little sidekick with all my heart, and though it pains my momma heart to see her grow up, I know there is so much more fun along the way.

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  1. Congratulations to your beautiful baby! I love purple too!
    I hope you had a beautiful birthday celebration!

  2. She is so precious. That is a very fun age. My daughters ages are 8 and 6 and I wish I could bottle up all of the cute things they’ve said and done and open the bottle when I need a little shot of laughter. Those pictures are so cute I would have to put them on a canvas. Hope she had a fun filled birthday.

  3. Aw! Happy Birthday to her!!! Looks like a little miss that loves her some purple… ;)
    Kassi @ Truly Lovely recently posted..We’re having a….My Profile

  4. Happy birthday! So precious!
    Aline recently posted..20 weeks – half way there {Pregnancy}My Profile

  5. Can’t wait to see your “a day in the life”. I would love to do one with my daughter – just thought about it this morning as she was picking out her outfit from her closet and her chubby legs peeked out. It’s the little things :)
    Mindy recently posted..{Sandy} – 32 weeksMy Profile

  6. Leticia Carlson says:

    These pictires are amazing. My little one has the same dress and she tells me she feels like a princess when she puts it on!

  7. Hmmmm wonder what her favorite color is? LOL GREAT pictures, happy birthday to her, she is a cutie!
    Michelle recently posted..Great deal at Beach Camera!My Profile

  8. Oh, the infamous purple wig! ;) What a fun party & what a little cutie! So glad I got to met you at Snap. Fun blog! Hope to stay in touch & see you again next year.

  9. Happy birthday to your baby!

    I told my twins (who share your birthday, kristen) I want to keep them 3 forever and the one says to me, “Mummy, we have to grow up. There’s a lot we want to do” :)

  10. I tell my little one who will be 5 this summer that she grows at night, so I’m going to make her sleep in a box so she won’t be able to grow and get bigger. She is one who knows how to tug at my heart, occasionally she will come ask me if she can sleep in the box so she stays small and cute. She always laughs when I tell her she will always be cute. I’m sad she will go to Kindergarten in the fall but so excited to see her in school and learning new things, it is true I love every age!