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My 4 kiddos

We did a very mini Valentines shoot the other day for my post on The Idea Room.  My oldest daughter is always a very willing participant (LOVE her dance moves) but my boys are another story.  They are over all my tricks to get them to smile…I have to be more creative.  My baby was stuck on a stool in the kitchen, love her smile here.  I love them and I love to capture them when they let me.  e took enough to fill a BINGO card.  Go check it out over there.

I am working on a post for step by step instructions on the yummiest and prettiest Valentine’s cake. Simple and basic ingredients include Devils food cake mix, 2 bags semi sweet choco chips, whipping cream, white choco chips and fresh strawberries. Everything else you’ll have on hand (eggs, oil, butter). Check back tomorrow for this recipe.

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  1. They are SO CUTE! And the bingo card idea is fun!

  2. Adorable kiddos! Speaking of kids… Random question! My husband and I are coming back to Austin thus summer for his work. I am pregnant and need to find a good doctor! Since you’ve had 4 I am guessing you know of a really good one in the area!?

  3. oh your kids are way to cute and cool :) love the dance moves!