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Mother’s Day Free Printable Journal Questions

Mom Week continues, I thought I’d offer a little Mother’s Day free printable of the questions I’ve asked my friends about their mothers. I think it’s great for journaling, I’m all about memory keeping.

But first, my 4th Mom Chat video on seeking forgiveness from children after frustrating moments. Have you watched the others? I’ve been happy to see a few numbers, that yes, some of you are watching!

Mom Chat #4: Asking your Child for Forgiveness

CLICK HERE to view Mom Chat #4:


Back to the Mother’s Day Free Printable.

When I came up with the list of questions to ask my friends about their mothers, I didn’t realize that it might be enjoyable for others to have a copy to answer themselves about their own mothers. I think this is a great insert into your own personal journal or scrapbook. Something your children will enjoy reading later about you and your mother and an insight into your parenting style.

Answer questions about your mother

I made a PDF download with and without the blue border in case you want to preserve ink.




Here is a close up of page 1

Questions for your Mother

If you find you need more space than the lines have to offer, put a * or # and go to the back of the back or another.

Print it out, Pin it, and share it with your friends! We all need to preserve our memories for future generations.

It can even be a great gift to your mom to answer them and let her know your memories and what stood out to you!

If you missed the other Mom Week posts, and Mom Chat videos, check them out:

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I also wanted to share an article recently written by a good friend Abby on her blog (who just happens to be the sister of Emily who shared a Mom Week post on Monday). Abby tells about how she spoke at career day at her kids elementary school about her career–being a mom. I love it!


Kristen Duke

Kristen Duke

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  1. I needed this today. Last night Brodie took a tumble while I was doing my nails. He lost two front teeth but has been a champ. I, on the other hand, have been a mess. I cried all night thinking I am a horrible mom. My own mom texted me this morning and told me that my little sister did the same thing. So I at least have one other mom with me! :)

    I spend a lot of time thinking I should be doing more. And in some ways I can, I can always learn and grow as a mom. But I’m not going to get anywhere if I am putting myself down all the time. Same goes for my kids. They want to learn and grow and if I am getting upset about toys being out (or another reason I get upset) I’m not helping them learn to clean them up or to take care of their toys.

    We all have our moments. Normally I need to take a nap or eat something (insert snicker’s commercial).

    Great video!
    Jessica+H recently posted..DIY Painted and Open Kitchen CabinetsMy Profile

    • Kristen Duke says:

      Oh no!!! I’m so sorry that happened, I’ve had MANY friends who have had the same thing happen with teeth! We can’t control every single step our kids make, unfortunately, can’t protect from everything. But it doesn’t stop us from wanting to! I’m glad this was helpful to you!

  2. Katie J says:

    Wow! This is great for Mother’s Day, but I’m also really excited to fill it out for myself for how I want my future children to be able to answer about me someday (which is especially on my mind right now as I’m pregnant with my first). Thanks!!!