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More of my family get together

My parents–where it all began. I love their smiles here. So happy to have us all together.
I love how my baby is reaching for me here…I had just jumped into the shot after setting the timer.

My siblings keep asking me if I’ve got anything more to show them of our family photo shoot. I do, just hadn’t gotten around to working on them yet. So here are a few, and I will hopefully get the rest ready for them quickly:)

Test shot…

Because I am the family photographer, I am expected to also plan everything about the shoot. I had just a few weeks before planned the outfits, location, and everything else for MY family shoot, so I felt drained. I picked out this color scheme (used one from the link on my sidebar). I suggested everyone plan ahead of time to bring their outfits. That part worked out well!

We get what we get. Can someone explain to me why the oldest grandchild here has a scowl? Is it really too much to ask for a smile for grandparents???

My mom kept asking me where we would go, but I was in Austin and unable to scope out the area. I planned to do it once I got there. Well, we were having too much fun and with Christmas, it just didn’t happen. The last day we were all together was a Sunday.
Another test shot–I just think these are funny:)We had church in the morning and scheduling around naps, 1pm was the only time to go. Unfortunately, that’s probably the worst time of day for perfect light. But I figured we could just make do.

I had been to this spot a few years ago, and loved the long wooden pier over a little lake. I knew when I set everyone up that it wouldn’t look good, but I did it anyway. I had my tripod and ran, but didn’t make it in time (heeled boots), then my brother did the running. We took 2 shots and I said we needed to move. It would have worked with the sun higher or behind a bit, but at the side, it cast too many shadows.

So much for the cool pier shot.

The only other spot in this area with open shade was next to another little pier around steps. I thought it would work well for the big group shot, and it did. I just wish there weren’t the steps in all the individual shots.
I then grabbed shots of my older brother and his family. Ryan is 2 years older than me, and his wife is 10 days younger than me. Since I didn’t grow up with a sister, she was my first one. I just love her. Too bad they live on the east coast. They used to live in Puerto Rico, and when we all met there, I got some cool shots. But I plan to go east this summer and capture the scenery there.

As they stood, they danced a little, and once they started singing “family hug” the boys had great big smiles. It was sweet to watch the love they have for each other. I love this shot below.

Next up was my younger brother (by 4 years) Russell and his family. I am grateful they at least live in Texas so we can see them from time to time.
My cute little nephew has a touch of red hair, too.

Then my youngest brother, Kirk, and his wife. They are expecting their first little one, and we just found out it’s a girl. SO excited for them! I think Rachel’s eyes look awesome with that blue dress!

I wish I had more time to take more of each of them, but it was crazy. I love being with my family, I am grateful for all of them.

And a few funny ones….

I asked my brother Russell to snap a few of us so that my mom could group them all together on her wall. My little fam wasn’t too thrilled about the idea. I requested full length. He took a few and I said we were done. Looked at them–not full length. And called the troops back in. I just like to see the whole scenery head to toe.

There. We are documented.

P.S. Maybe I haven’t quite figured out the new image sizing….didn’t work on all my images, making them larger.

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  1. You have been busy busy. I love seeing all the photos and the family dynamics. Love the color scheme and all the adorable/beautiful people! Your family is lucky to have such a talented and willing photographer!!
    (I recognize that neighborhood!)

  2. Cute, I love that one of your parents. I also love the blue, and Alyssa's shirt. :)

  3. Yay! Family pictures! Thanks for doing this for us Kristen. You are the best. :) I think we did a pretty good job with the color coordination.

  4. Love the pictures. I love the one on the dock even if the lighting isn't perfect!. You always make us look good. Thanks for doing this -you're still the best photographer ever! I'm ready to hang them on the walls. Love you, MOM

  5. I really love the colors. Everyone looks so snazzy and stylish. Group pictures are HARD! You do a great job. I always love looking at your work.

  6. Shannon Joy says:

    these are sooo fun! i found you on PROPs doing a little PS reading and learning. checked out your blog and love your own family photo shoot! what a beautiful area you live in!

  7. Shannon Joy says:

    these are sooo fun! i found you on PROPs doing a little PS reading and learning. checked out your blog and love your own family photo shoot! what a beautiful area you live in!