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Mommy Hates Cooking~e-book review & Giveaway

I discovered a new blog recently:  Mommy Hates Cooking. Kristy is a  young mom who was thrust into the role of chef after her hubby started their marriage out doing that. From the looks of her blog, she enjoys it much more than she used to, but she said she does have a love/hate relationship with it.

CHECK OUT her alphabatized recipe index.  Wowzers, lots of options. Drooling over the bacon wrapped chicken recipe she made:

I feel the same way as Kristy–I love to eat, but don’t love to make it.  The thinking, planning, preparing, cleaning is a major task.  But guess what?  We gotta eat.  Every. stinkin. day. So we might as well do something about it!  Let me introduce you to some very fun e-books Kristy has put together.

First, Menu Planning 101

In this e-book, you can learn the tips and strategies of menu planning and how it can help you to save time, save money, and eat healthy.  Along with this E-Book you receive 2 Sample Menu Plans and 2 Printable Menu Planners.

Here is what I love about this book: Lots of tips on the importance of planning ahead (menu planning) so that we can save time, money, and sanity. It is my personal GOAL to plan a weekly menu, but a monthly menu is even MORE fabulous! She gives a great list of pantry staples, and even a cute calendar (with meal suggestions/links to recipes) for a whole month and a blank calendar to carry on after that.

The second part of the giveaway is an option for a FILLED 4 week meal plan (traditional or allergy free).   All mapped out:  breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, and a few days of dessert (heaven knows we don’t need dessert EVERY night!) 120 total recipes. Inside you will find the staple and “to buy” ingredient lists as well for those meals.  Work done for you!  Here is what Kristy says about the 4 week meal plan:

This meal plan is to serve as a guide to further expand your library of recipes as well as assist in saving you time with building your grocery list.   If it seems overwhelming at first, simply take 2-3 recipes a week and start there, then gradually grow your library of recipes over time. It does not have to all be done at once. This is to be used as a starting point and as a guide.

She also has an allergy free meal plan (Dairy Free, Nut Free, Egg Free, Garlic free) isn’t that fabulous?  The winner will choose which they prefer.  To see more about the meal plans, click here. For both books, the total is $11.

So who needs help meal planning?!?

Leave a comment to enter (make sure your email is correct), for an extra entry, LIKE Mommy Hates Cooking on facebook HERE and leave another comment that you did so.

Giveaway will run til next Monday night at midnight.  If you buy the 2 books and THEN win, your payment will be refunded–how awesome is that?

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  1. What fun to win:) I would be so organized I could surf blogland right up until my family walks in the door;) Thanks for the chance to win..

  2. I always need help with menu planning… With three kids, a husband who travels alot, and a business it’s always a huge chore! Would love to win this.

  3. I always need help planning menus! And quick and easy recipes. So hope I win this!

  4. Debbie Kellman says:

    Sounds like a great book! I have also LIKED “Mommy Hates Cooking” on Facebook.

  5. Dana Travis says:

    I. need. this! :)

  6. Dana Travis says:

    I also now follow ‘mommy hates cooking’ on Facebook…

  7. I LOVE this and NEED this! I HATE cooking!!??!! HATE IT! This might actually make me like it a little bit….just a little…

    I “liked” her on FB, too!

    Kristin – you’re awesome! Love the blog!

  8. I love this and need this! I hate cooking! This might actually make me like it just a little bit…..just a little.

    I also “liked” her on FB!

  9. Every few weeks I say I will plan my meals out and then I plan a weeks worth and that is it. I really need to learn to do this consistently.

  10. Now that’s something I can get behind! Another FB like accomplished.

  11. I used to be good an menu planning but I have fallen off that wagon the last couple years. Making dinner would be so much easier if someone told me what to make. This giveaway is really what I need!!!

  12. I “like” Mommy hates cooking on FB!

  13. I am an admitted AWFUL cook, probably because I don’t enjoy it, and am THAT mom….the one who can manage to screw up boiling spaghetti noodles! I know I need some help though, especially with the planning part, as I have 4 growing little ones, who need a mom that can, with a little help, at least give it her best shot ;-) Thanks!

  14. Happily pushed the “like button” on FB!

  15. Tanya Bouthillier says:

    The title of this book really speaks to me. I really have a hard time with the day to day meal planning and preparing. Not my favorite.

  16. Tanya Bouthillier says:


  17. My hubby and I made a deal when we first married 20 years ago that he would cook and I’d clean after him — because I hated cooking THAT much!! Since then I’ve gotten in the kitchen a bit more, but a new cookbook would be awesome and help give me more recipes to choose from! :)

  18. I have “liked” Mommy Hates Cooking on FB, too!!

  19. Michelle R. says:

    LOVER her blog!

  20. Michelle R. says:

    “like” mommy hates cooking on facebook!

  21. ANYTHING that makes meals and planning easier is welcomed EAGERLY in our home. :)

  22. I actually enjoy cooking and/or baking. This book sounds great….thanks Kristen! Connie in California

  23. FUN giveaway. thank you so much!

  24. [liked} mommy hates cooking on facebook!

  25. Goodness, I was thinking I was the only mom out there who hates cooking! :D This book sounds like a godsend! Eating healthier, saving money and getting organized are my goals this year and this book would sure come in handy and I know I’ll definitely put it to great use!

  26. I liked and left a comment on her fb page. Thanks for the chance, sounds like a great and perfect book for me!

  27. Thank you so much for the giveaway! Meal planning was one of my new year resolutions!

  28. I liked Mommy Hates Cooking in Facebook

  29. I am in such need of some meal planning. I have a 30 minute commute to pick up baby every day then another 20 minutes home. It leaves very little time for making dinner. I need a PLAN! Thanks for the chance to win!