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On my Mind Today

So excited about 2014! Something about a new year/clean slate, brings great possibility.  Here are some highlights and thoughts from my past week:

  • I had a great New Years Eve! For the first time ever our entire family stayed up til midnight! Last year it was just my boys and I (husband usually goes to bed). It helped that we were at a friends house, and we actually planned to leave at 10 ish, but we were having too much fun!  It was a fun evening filled with food, games, laughter, and friends.
  • My 4. 5 year old daughter switched from her Strider/Balance bike on New Years Day, and within 15 minutes of figuring out the “pedal thing” she was riding her two wheeler bike all by herself. It was SO exciting! I wish I had a balance bike for other kids, they learned the old school way!
  • Today I start my big 6 weeks to TONE with cross fit workouts! Excited and nervous! If you want to join in, CLICK HERE for workout schedule (I actually just put in a new document yesterday because mine printed weird and I had to re work it). If you DO plan to join in, I thought a fun hashtag would be good so I can see what you are doing. Tag me on Instagram or hashtag #crossfitjoy if you take pictures of you working out!
  • I am re-commiting to meal planning. I had fun hopping around my friend Leigh Anne’s site, Your Homebased Mom and her weekly meal plans. LOVE how she’s already mixed it up to give variety throughout the week!
  • Another one of my goals for this year was to Invite a Family over for Dinner, and I did that yesterday! It was so enjoyable, and I’ve already got another family coming next week. I’m usually a once a monther for that, but there were extenuating circumstances. We’ve all got excuses why we don’t do it, but I’ve got great reasons why it’s awesome, check out the list I made on that link (above).
  • Took the kids to a jumpy trampoline place. They love it, and I’m cheap, so only do it once in summer and once over winter break!
  • I have REALLY REALLY enjoyed sleeping in over the 2 week Christmas break. Will miss that one.
  • Our church time changed from 8am to start at 10am for the year, and I’m pretty excited about that one!!  Did you know we go to church for 3 hours each week? 3 hours of spiritual nourishment, I love it.
  • Watching the Best of Jimmy Fallon special while trying to get some work done. He’s so funny! I hardly ever watch that show, but I love a good “best of” recap. My brother met him in New Orleans at a restaurant a few years ago, and said he was really friendly. I like hearing that.
  • Trying to finalize details for our family cruise this month. So much to figure out, and I’m going in blind. Thank goodness for Facebook Peeps helping me out!!
  • Working on finishing our front living room, got my chairs covered, a rug ordered, and just a few more details to reveal at the end of the month!

Here are some pics from my phone in the past week:

January fun

Here is a picture of the Strider Balance bike (without pedals) that my daughter learned to balance before she picked up riding so well.  Order it on Amazon HERE.

Strider Balance Bike

Then the big girl bikes!learning to ride a bike

Kristen Duke

Kristen Duke

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Kristen Duke
Kristen Duke
Kristen Duke
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  1. Which cruise are you doing? What ports are you visiting? I’d love to help.
    Connie recently posted..Wavy BobMy Profile

  2. Yay for riding a two-wheeler! Such an accomplishment. My 5 yo isn’t quite there yet, but I am sure we will get there this summer.

    • Kristen Duke says:

      It’s been so fun to see her excitement!! The balance bike helped so much! Ask around to see if anyone near you has one, we borrowed ours from a friend.

  3. Hope you enjoy your cruise! I love cruising and always recommend it to anyone who asks. Definitely go snorkeling in Cozumel.

  4. Love this post and I love that I was involved in a lot of these things. You are so great! I’m so happy Miss C caught on to the bike thing so fast…It’s miraculous! I

  5. Love On my Mind Monday. Have fun on your cruise!! We took one several years ago to Cozumel, Jamaica and Grand Cayman. It was a blast!!

  6. Happy New Year! It is so fun when you cross this line where your entire family can actually stay up until midnight and not be a mess the next day.

    Congrats on the time change for church. Ugh, 8 a.m. would be beastly. Luckily, I haven’t had that schedule!
    Karen recently posted..Trashy Tuesday, Trash Free, but Full of JunqueMy Profile

  7. Let me straight away take your own feed once i cannot to discover a person’s e-mail ongoing weblink or maybe e-newsletter service. Carry out you might have virtually any? Please well then, i’ll recognize to make sure that I might subscribe. Many thanks.