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lovin’ my 17 month old baby

I decided to rebel against the traditional 18 month pics, and go for the big 17.  My baby was born on the 17th, after all. Also, I am a lover of all things seven.  My b-day is 7/7 and I was thrilled to deliver my baby (several weeks early) on the 17th.  Brought immense joy to my soul.

My hubby says she isn’t a baby anymore, but a toddler.  I’m not a fan of him telling me that.  She is MY baby.  I took her out this morning, just the two of us. I usually bring an assistant, but I packed my van full of odds and ends, and went for it.  She was actually quite cooperative (besides frequently wanting to take her bows out) and happy.  I just love my baby.

Below…showing me that she took her bow out…

I love this telephone shot

And this one makes me pretty happy…

Then we had an outfit change…

 Then we had a scene change…

Then she stopped looking at me when I called her name…

So we went to the park nearby and she was in heaven…

Love my baby…

  As I mentioned for her 1 year pics, I have a hard time being objective and picking my favorites because she is my baby and I LOVE THEM ALL…all her funny facial expressions and her quirkiness. Which are your favorites?

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  1. LOVE the old telephone! darling! can’t believe how big she has gotten! she looks so much older from when i last saw her!

  2. I love the one with her tongue out when she is trying to get off the trunk (that is what my 17 month old always does) and I love the last one. That captures the joy of childhood. As always, beautiful job.

  3. tricia dunlap says:

    oh i just love these photo ! so sentimental to find our babies growing into toddlers!! my fave is the last one on the swing – PRICELESS – i can just FEEL how happy she was in that swing!

  4. So cute. I love the despiration of not getting a gumball out. Her expressions are great. My baby just turned 18 months, though she is the size of a 12 month old. Hopefully she will stay little forever, but alas I don’t think I will get that wish:)

  5. I really like the first one on the little yellow chair and the one of her on the ladder! These are very cute pictures and I love all the fun accessories!

  6. I love how she’s sticking her tongue out on top of the suitcase :)
    And that look on her face when she’s looking in the mirror—looks JUST like Matthew!

  7. Cannot believe how big she is. LOVE her sparkly shoes, LOVE the stripey skirt, LOVE the gumball machine and really, just all of it. And you cannot possibly believe that I am going to pick a favorite. As a mother of four girls and lover of all things adorable, I just won’t do it. :)

  8. I love every one of those photos! I have a 19 month old and they remind me so much of her! You have a beautiful little girl and I love your photography! You inspire me…though I am only a hobbyist. Thanks for your tips and helpful hints!

  9. My Baby just passed the three and a lhalf year mark, and he’s still my baby. :)
    Your baby is beautiful. I love the gumball machine shots most of all. Her necklace just ties together with the round gum balls so perfectly.. her purple skirt is adorable. Love it. :)
    Wishing you & your household loads of seventeen month old fun!

  10. She looks so big! I can’t wait till we are back in Texas and can come and visit.

    I am a sucker for swinging pictures! I love that last one!

  11. She’s absolutely precious & I love your photos of her!! My favorites are the the telephone one and the first one with the blue box with the mirror. Love these!!!

  12. I love these pictures! They capture the essence of this age. She is a beautiful baby. :)

  13. I love these pictures! They capture the essence of this age. She is a beautiful baby. :)

  14. OH my! That telephone is just so adorable! But not as cute as your little one : )

  15. What a doll!!!! And such a fun thing to do just the two of you!

  16. Jenny Polson says:

    I LOVE THESE! great job as always! PS the gumball machine is amazing!!!

  17. Jill Watson says:

    I don’t think I can pick just ONE favorite, but the one on the ladder is so cute (it captures her personality) and I love the gumball ones. But, I think the one on the slide is pretty cute too! The slide even matches her outfit! So fun!! She is so cute!

  18. I love the ones where just what is in the mirror is in focus. Very creative!