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Little Girls Play Vanity Table

My husband built this adorable play Vanity for our girls, and finished it JUST before midnight on Christmas Eve! He only started it a few days before at my request, and I love how it turned out!


I originally pulled up plans for a play vanity from my friend Ana White (who by the way featured plans she made from my Sliding Barn Door TV cover on her site here), but then we modified the vanity a bit to include legs.

One day in October, my 3 year old and I were roaming the aisle of a store when she spotted from a distance a big box with a picture on the front of a plastic toy vanity set. She stood there staring at it (the picture on the box) mesmerized and proceeded to tell me how much she wanted that. I think she saw the blow dryer, fake lipstick, brush, etc. I said to her, “oh, isn’t that cute…maybe for Christmas….” and I was eventually able to persuade her to keep walking. I thought she’d forget about it, but oh no she didn’t. Pretty much every day she started talking about how she was getting a “mirror table” for Christmas. I wasn’t too excited about the plastic one, but my wheels started turning, and I spoke to my husband with my puppy dog eyes, and requested he build one in the days before Christmas. I found the plans, but wanted to make a few changes.

I wanted legs with space under, so hubby got 2×2 wood and slid the other piece of wood right in.


As he built, he used “L” brackets on the inside, and used wood glue and bungee cords to hold pieces together while the glue tried. Then reinforced the piece with nails/screws after.

We used bead board on the outside that would be showing, it adds a nice element of texture.

Above is how he cut the bottom piece in order to fit right into the cubby with the existing legs in place.

the home depot

After the two side cubbies were made, it was time to pull them together. He put a ledge of the 2×2 in order to hold the desk part. Then another at the back to strengthen the mirror. I am SO excited about the mirror I found. I actually had one that someone gave me that we quickly realized was too big, so I ran out to Target crossing my fingers that I’d find something cute, and grabbed this gem! I think it was $20, which is more than my preference, but I did not have time on my side and it was adorably perfect!! (See my clothes? Christmas Eve rush).

Target mirror

I taped up the mirror part and sprayed it white.

mirror vanity

We built a “Y” out of the 2×2 to attach the mirror. It was a quick decision and I might have done it differently had I more time to figure out something, but it’s up against the wall, and works fine (see back of mirror in a few pics down).

My hubby and his brother madly spray painting the vanity at around 9pm on Christmas Eve.

spray paint

Though the idea was made for the littlest, it was a gift for both girls. On Christmas morning, it was the last to come out.

Christmas Present


The girls were very excited!

minnie mouse

Below is a good picture of the back of the mirror:

The girls got right to work (the cute Minnie Mouse set I found at the Disney store). Dad even got a head brushing;)

hair play

I love to see his face when he adores his girl adoring something he made for her.


hair style

Girls have played with it daily and even set up “Beauty Shop” hours and pricing.

diy vanity


The boys won’t turn down a chance, who doesn’t like getting their hair brushed?!?


It was a big hit!!! Let me know if you have questions, I’m sure I didn’t cover everything!

P.S. Teal tin baskets came from Target.

{Edited to add: The Girls Fancy Room Makeover Reveal is up, check it out!}


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  1. I absolutely love the picture when the girls just first see it. The look on their faces is priceless. Great work! And it’s such a fun story that the girls will always remember. It brought tears to my eyes at how happy everyone is (including your hubby – so sweet of him!).

    • Kristen Duke says:

      Awww, thanks, Nicole, I’m happy to hear that! It is really really fun to put sweat into a project and reap the rewards with their love of the gift!

  2. This is so special! I love the pictures of Cali styling away with her Minnie Mouse accessories. What a wonderful Dad! (And Momma too, of course) :) Love you, Kristen Joy :) :)

  3. Jacqueline says:

    Awww…their reactions are just precious!

  4. Super cute! Great job!

  5. So incredibly cute!! Your husband is so talented with all he makes for your home. There is nothing better than having home-made pieces throughout your house. One of a kinds, that are designed to your families tastes. Perfection!!

  6. I love that the boys will come to the “beauty parlor”. And the schedule and list of services is my favorite! I love the “sometimes we do buns” tacked on the end. What cute little nieces I have!

  7. What little girl wouldn’t feel like a princess with her own vanity! So cute and clever. Makes me wish my girls were still little!!!

  8. That is so adorable! I just love they made a beauty parlor with a schedule and everything:) So cute.

  9. Kristen! This turned out so cute :) We still need to exchange pics of our girls rooms… I am kind of stuck trying to figure out what I want to do in there. Your girls look so cute in these pics, I love the hairdryer and all the Minnie accessories. Can’t wait to see what you do in their room!!! Have a great weekend :)

  10. Would you be able to provide the dimensions of the project? I would love to be able to build this for my daughter’s birthday in April.
    I saw the plans that Ana White had listed – did you do the same height – yours looks maybe taller?

    • Kristen Duke says:

      thanks for the reminder to measure. It was similar to Ana’s height,but I will do that and get back to you after a trip. Nudge me if I don’t remember!

  11. Wow what a priceless gift! I love that this precious gift will mean hours and hours of creative play. Way to go Dad!

  12. Pixi LaRue says:

    Oh the memories that have been made and the treasure of something made by her Daddy just for her. What a good Mommy and what a good Daddy!!! My father and mother made things that I treasure still. They as well as my sister are gone now, but my memories live on in the rocker he made and mommy stained. My grandbabies used the rocker, the dresser, etc. I now have a greatgrandson who will use the rocker when he learns to sit up. Someday this little one will look at that vanity, maybe in the garage, basement and remember fondly…My Daddy made that for me. G-d bless you both.

  13. Very cute!

  14. That is awesome! The look on her face really does “capture joy”. It is every girl’s dream. Love the beauty parlor idea. Pinning now!

  15. Adorable! I love the vanity and I love the picture of look of joy on her face! So cute! I love seeing them already at work and the sign with the hours of the beauty parlor. My girls are forever opening their own salon complete with sign ups for massages, mani, pedi, hair, etc. So fun and cute! I would absolutely love if you link this up at my link party!

  16. This is just precious! It looks like the whole family loves it!

  17. This is great. Thank you for sharing over at “Hookin up with HoH”.


  18. This is so precious, especially the look on their faces. I see many happy memory’s out of this one!

  19. Oh my gosh, it’s wonderful! Your kids are lucky to have such awesome parents. I love that they turned it into a beauty parlor for “patients” – so cute.

  20. Precious! sweet surprised look on her face, and the pic of her and her Dad is adorable – thanks for sharing the tutorial on how to build it – I have a soon to be 2 year old granddaughter that will like this. Bookmarking!

  21. Kristen, this is adorable!! How fun and such adorable kiddos… Thanks so much for coming to my link-up party yesterday, I hope you’ll come back again next week! xoxo~ Ruthie
    Ruthie recently posted..Super Saturday Show & Tell #5My Profile

  22. Great job! Looks like they love it! Thanks for linking up last week at Made in a Day!
    Kim~madeinaday recently posted..Pinterest Inspired Pic of the Week!My Profile

  23. Love this Kristen…my Sweet Texas Friend! Featuring you tomorrow! XO, Aimee
    Aimee – It’s Overflowing recently posted..Dreamy Dwelling Home Tour, South Carolina CoastalMy Profile

  24. I have been looking for a vanity for my little girl’s 4th birthday. I have come to realize that a large component of creativity will have to come into play as I can’t find what I have in mind in the stores. Anyway… fast forward… I found your post. OMGosh…. I had tears in my eyes when it came time for the “big reveal!” SO precious!!!!!!! Your husband deserves many many kuddos for this “sweet daddy” project!
    Julie May recently posted..Seared Marinated Tuna SteaksMy Profile

    • Kristen Duke says:

      Oh, this makes me so happy to hear!! He loves to melt the heart of his girls, I’m so glad they love it!

  25. So cute! Just what I’m looking for to give my daughter! Am I missing the dimensions someplace? I’d love to have my hubby make this!! Thanks!


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