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Lil’ Cowboy Baby Shower

I have a new friend who just moved to Texas a month ago just because she wants to be a cowboy.  Just kidding…sortof.  I told her not all Texans are cowboys (in fact most of us aren’t) but that doesn’t deter her. She is having a little boy after 2 adorable girls, so we threw her a cowboy baby shower to get excited.

I posted on facebook to ask if anyone had cowboy stuff and two friends piped up that they had a saddle and other items, I was so excited!

Hobby Lobby had a bunch of cowboy stuff, so I didn’t make a whole lot–just the banner. It turned out really fun!  Loved the cow print balloons (thanks, HL) as well.


I dressed the cowboy part as best I could with braids and non cowboy boots.  Check out the REAL longhorn skull to the left of me.

It’s hard to tell that the pregnant one is even pregnant….(below in the middle) but she is due in a week or two!  

I kinda sorta have a thing about living in Texas (and being raised in Texas) about cowboys.  I’m a city girl through and through and when I went to college, everyone that hadn’t been to Texas had assumed that Texans are cowboys and that always bugged me.  I set my feelings aside for this event, and had fun with it anyway.  Nothing against cowboys, I’m just not one;)

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  1. Oh my gosh her belly is nonexistant! I’m due in 6 weeks and I am HUGE! What a lucky girl, she won’t have to work anything off! ;)

  2. All of those details made for a fabulous party.

  3. Wow, this is the cutest little cowboy party I have ever seen! You did an awesome job at EVERY detail! I pinned this. :)

  4. I am the exact same way about Texas and cowboys. I went to school at Utah State, and people would comment about cowboys, and I had to tell them that I saw wayyyyy more cowboys in Logan than my 18 years in Texas.

  5. first, it was a great party with even better decorations and the best company!
    second, the shirt and straight on angle is flattering for my ever expaning belly.
    lastly, i know that texas isn’t full of only cowboys. i grew up in a hick town and have seen less cowboys in tx than live in my rural <30,000 people town. :)