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Kit Kat Cake pulled together with Silly Bands

My son turned 8 last weekend, and he wanted a silly band party because of his recent obsession (along with half of the American children).  I was having a hard time trying to figure out how to incorporate these silly bands into a theme cake, since I delight in cake making for their birthdays.  When I went to a baby shower and saw a kit kat cake (after I’d already seen them online) I knew I would make that–since he loves Kit Kats.  Then I could tie it all together with a string of silly bands.   It is SO easy to do this.  You don’t have to worry about making the frosting look smooth because it gets covered up.  I filled it in with M&M’s, but it can be any type of candy. I was tempted by the individual colored packs of sixlets I saw at Party City, but stuck with what I already bought. I also used the King Size Kit Kats, they are a bit taller.

Here is my 10.10.10 birthday boy!  Not so thrilled about a pic alone, but all smiles with his baby sister:)

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  1. Love the cake! Cute kids aren’t hurting anything either ;)

  2. So cute! I will have to remember the kit kat idea. My little boy LOVES them:)

  3. Love how you were able to tie in the silly bands to the cake. So smart!

  4. and the pile of silly bandz on his his wrist…

    fabulous cake idea!! :)

  5. Awesome cake!! Our three older boys’ birthdays are coming up in November. We have one turning 8 on the 8th. I don’t think I can resist making this.. kit kats: yum!

  6. I LOVE that Kit Kat cake idea!! So, do you just make a cake, and cover it up w/ the M&M’s and Kit Kats?? I have a 9 year old birthday coming up in a month!

  7. It’s cool, silly bands are awesome!