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My youngest brother, Kirk shares a story

littlest brotherOne of my favorite memories growing up with Kristen was when she taught me how to drive.  I remember that it was around my 14th birthday and she wanted to be the cool sister to show me the ropes of driving.  Now, hopefully this fact doesn’t get her in trouble with the law as I was definitely without so much as a driving permit, but that is the way that Kristen likes to roll.  So she took me to a big parking lot and let me drive around for a bit.  She was very patient and she could tell that I was nervous but she helped me feel at ease with her calm advice and relaxed demeanor.  I would brake way too hard as most beginners do but she would just laugh it off and teach me how to drive more smoothly.  Of course we had the radio on and she was singing out loud in between her directions.  In a sense, that is what growing up with Kristen was like; she was always so confident and un-phased by anything around her.  She was always a great support system in my life as I was a fairly shy kid but she would often compliment me and help me feel important.  Even though she was seven years older than me, she never treated me as inferior or as a burden.  Just like teaching me how to drive, she took the time for me and helped me learn a little bit more about life and how to live it.

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  1. what a good big sister. i need to be more like you… go around singing as i give people directions. :)

    • Kristen Duke says:

      ha! Well, I think I’ve mellowed just a touch from those days….but I did aim to be a cool big sis! I Just wanna hear you sing;)

  2. Love it!