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Story from my 2 younger sister in laws

Hi! We’re Kim and Rachel, married to siblings #3 and #4 respectively. How fun that we get to share all the juicy details about Kristen that only a sister-in-law gets to know!

We have lots of stories of fun times with Kristen, but one in particular that brought all the sisters-in-law together was going clubbin’ to celebrate Kristen’s 30th birthday. Here’s a picture of all four of us that night:

dancing sisters

{Kristen, Kim (married to Russell), Rachel (married to Kirk), Alayna (married to Ryan)}

Kristen and Alayna were so anxious to go out that night, Kim had to convince them to wait another agonizing half hour so Rachel could arrive from Houston and join the part-ay.

We all had a blast shakin’ our groove things.  We got there much earlier than the normal clubbing crowd, but despite the lack of anonymity that crowds bring, Kristen started bustin’ a move right at the beginning. At one point stone cold sober Kristen and Alayna (the older and more “mature” sister-in-laws with kids) were gettin’ down on a raised platform. Kristen also was the only one brave enough to belt out {insert song} during karaoke. She didn’t know very many of the words, but that didn’t stop her from singing her heart out.


Us younger sister-in-laws, who didn’t even have kids yet, got tired out at least an hour before Kristen and Alayna got the dancing out their systems. Mormons know how to party even without alcohol!

It was such a fun night. Although we weren’t your typical clubbers looking for a hook-up, we still had a great time being ourselves and letting loose. Kristen always is the life of the party and makes sure that we aren’t our normal lazy selves. We love that she won’t take no for an answer to having a good time.

~Rachel and Kim

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  1. hahahaha……and I thought I was the karaoke queen!

  2. Wow!

    You all girls look super happy and lively.

    It looks like you usually havean awesome time together