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Kid Chatteroo: A new family fun app for smart phones, ipads,or ipods

My friend Kirsten from The Crafting Chicks has been telling me all about her app development, Kid Chatteroo, and I’m so excited for her that it is DONE! I got to download it and play with it a few days ago, and I’m in love! It’s made for the purpose of family togetherness & laughter–who doesn’t love that?!?

It’s called KID CHATTEROO and you can click right on that link from your phone or computer and purchase the .99 cent app right now!  It has all sorts of categories for kids and parents to answer silly or not so silly questions, and you are RECORDING your voices, which is SO fun to play back and hear. I mean, what kid doesn’t like to hear their own voice? Plus, the graphics and sound affects are darling!

I like to think that I am above reading instructions of any kind, so I just opened up the app and played around, and it was pretty self explanatory, then I couldn’t figure out how to record. I handed it to my 11 year old son, and he figured out right away. THEN I read the instructions, and saw that I have to hold down my character face (which I got to pick hair, facial expression, and clothes like a Mii) and then we had fun! My son wouldn’t give it back, and my 3  year old, of course, loved hearing her voice!

When the app asked my 3 year old, “If you ate a rainbow what would it taste like?” She replied, “It tastes like hamburgers” Ah ha ha!!!

Here is a description by the makers themselves:

Whether you are on a road trip, tucking your child in bed or chatting over the dinner table, Kid Chatteroo questions will spark all sorts of funny, imaginative, inquisitive, and playful conversations that are sure to leave you with that silly, warm, fuzzy feeling! Capture those little voice recordings with our easy-to-use recording feature, it’s like capturing time in a bottle!

Chatteroo with two, or with the whole family. KID CHATTEROO is fun to play at bedtime, dinnertime and snuggle time. Easily turn those potentially “time-wasting” moments such as amusement park lines, waiting rooms, car rides, road trips, into meaningful moments. Use KID CHATTEROO anytime and anywhere you want to connect with your kids.

Parents, while using KID CHATTEROO our hope is that…maybe…just maybe…you will: easily CREATE more venues for conversation in your family, more easily CAPTURE those moments, CONNECT kids to parents and parents to kids, get to know your children better by their UNIQUE responses, parent better because you are getting to know the unique PUZZLE pieces that make them who they are, TEACH them to be interested in others, increase your child’s communication skills, make those family moments count.

If you get the app and love it, go ahead and RATE it, it really helps their position in app-land!

If you want to see a cute video about it, check this out:

You can further check out Kid Chatteroo on Twitter//Facebook//Pinterest//Website

Kristen Duke

Kristen Duke

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Kristen Duke
Kristen Duke
Kristen Duke
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  1. Oh my goodness, this looks like so much fun! I just know my kids will love it, thank you!

  2. Carolyn Case says:

    I’m always searching for new fun apps, thank you!

  3. The post is really nicely written, nice work Kristen.
    Kidchatteroo seem a nice app, I loves to explore and use such apps. The best part is the peeps and the faces of kids on those funny characters.