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Kick Counting

A fellow photographer lost a baby due to stillbirth and is trying to get awareness out there on how to prevent stillbirths by counting kicks.

From Blair Blanks…founder of the Baby James Project.

“1 in 150 births is a stillbirth, and that number is generally considered a low estimate. Think about this, most women have two children. So that means roughly one in 75 mothers will go through this. Do you know 75 women? Neighbors, school moms, moms from church?

Some stillbirths are unexplained and some are unavoidable. But in some cases, stillbirths can be prevented if the mother is highly aware of her baby’s movements. You can track your baby’s activity by using a written log of kicks. While every baby is different, in general, babies in the third trimester should move at least 4-5 times an hour. If you detect a change, either a decrease in movement, or an unusual increase in your baby’s level of activity, it may mean your baby is in distress. Should either occur, call your doctor at once. If you can’t reach your doctor, go to the hospital to have your baby checked. Don’t wait until office hours; go to an ER if you have to. A “false alarm” is far better than having a stillborn baby.”

Please take a minute to visit the site below if you or someone you know is pregnant!! It could save their baby’s life! (click on the brown box) If anyone wants to be pro-active and put this banner on their blog, feel free to take it or I will get it to you.

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