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Just to let you know….

A friend of mine is selling some cute things in order to raise money for HER sister. To read about the cause, CLICK HERE (scroll down to the first entry and read backwards). To see what cute things they are selling, CLICK HERE (cute girly clips & magnets).

Thanks to those who commented or emailed me your sugar cookie recipe–I even got to try one from my friend Monica before making it and it was delicious! Tomorrow is the day I’ll make them. I did make these on Monday, thanks to Bakerella. My kids helped me make them and it was so easy and fun!

This is her image as well, not mine.

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  1. Just wanted to say thanks for adding my button to your other blog! I love you picts. Too bad you don’t live closer! My sister actually lived in Round Rock for awhile. She loved it there. I always hear great things about Texas. And I’m sure it feels nice now compared to snowy Utah!