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I’ve been doing some thinking….let’s make a deal

{This is me…thinking}

Ever since I announced the other day that I was going to consolidate my posts into the “click to read more” fashion, I felt ill about it.  I heard back from a few of you that were sad about it (I mean, inconsolable…I had to talk them down from quitting all blog reading forever) and I started thinking about my reasoning behind it.

Really, the reason behind it is several fold:  I guess for ME, I don’t like reading blogs in google reader fashion, because I really enjoy the “ambiance” I get when seeing the personality and design in the blogs I love. But that’s just me, and I get the convenience of reading a blog in an email or with a bunch of other beloved blogs.  So just because I’m not like everyone else doesn’t mean I don’t need to think of those time saving needs.

When I got ads on my sidebar a year ago, it was a “why not” sort of deal. I’m already blogging, why not earn a few pennies while doing so?  Well, fact of the matter is…at this point, it isn’t THAT much. I am paid per clicks on my blog, and with my friends not actually coming to my blog, I felt consolidating the posts would prompt them to do so. But really, it is annoying. I don’t like opening a bunch of posts in new windows, so my inner core just didn’t want to do it. It was the green stuff driving me, I tell ya.

Then I got to thinking…I sell more with my books in a day than I get from a month in the ad space, and really what drives me to blog regularly (besides my undying adoration for my unmet peeps out there–especially those who comment) is spreading the word about my books. If I share a cool hair tutorial or home project or recipe that gets “pinned” or shared on facebook, then it drives new people to my site who will ultimately notice my books on, and their interest might be peaked.

So, here is the “deal” part where you come in.  If I hold off on the condensed post thing, and keep it as it is, will you help me by “pinning” and sharing in other ways every so often? Google readers–maybe come over once a week or so, say hello, and share something (and tell me about it so I’ll get that validation that my ego needs)?  Is that asking too much? Am I making too big of a deal of this?  Do I sound lame even asking?

Well, I am asking. It brings me joy that all of you care about what I have to say, and I don’t want to deprive you of any joy in life. Tell me you’ll make good on the deal…don’t make me feel all vulnerable (no comments makes one feel vulnerable–in case you didn’t know).

I’ll leave you with a silly pic: my youngest and I were making faces on my phone camera, when my son jumped in on the fun–it was cute…



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  1. I am one of the ones who prefers reading on Google Reader and doesn’t like partial feeds. However, my internet connection is kinda slow. So with all the huge photo files on your site, I usually have to open your posts in a new tab and wait for them to load in the background, then come back and read the post later. So I was visiting the site pretty often anyway!

  2. Hi Kristen! Fellow photographer (newbie) here who adores your work and your blog! I don’t care how you have your posts…I’ll read them and I am actually clicking to them. :)

  3. I admit I will probably read more posts if they aren’t the “click to read more” kind. Some days I have time to do that and others I just don’t – so I love it when it’s not in that format! I do get your posts via google reader and I often click over to your blog because I like to see your gorgeous pictures and click on past posts for great ideas and more beautiful pictures…. I have never commented though and am fairly new to your blog and I just ordered your book last week and can’t wait to get it in the mail! Yay!! But YES I will pin more and click over more if I can still get the posts on google reader. But if not, I will still come over when I can :)

  4. Whitney Davis says:

    I’m a google reader, I must admit that I hate having to click to read an entry and quite frankly often I don’t. Usually I’ll just move onto the next if doesn’t look interesting based on what little bit I do see.

    With that said, I also understand blogging takes time and it isn’t beneficial for you if we don’t go to your actual blog.

    I do pin things often from your blog when I see various posts that I like, and I promise to continue to do that. :)

  5. Crystal says:

    I read thru google reader, but also from the Facebook links. As I most often check the reader in the evening after the kiddos are in bed but scroll through Facebook all day (shame, shame, I know!) I’ll directly hit your site from FB most frequently. Just thought you’d like to know! Cheers!! Oh, and I recommend your books to every momI know when they buy a DSL-R camera! ;)

  6. Suzanne says:

    Hi Kristen,
    I actually had no idea what you were talking about until I read the comments. I use google reader but rarely read it in the reader page. I have a “Next” button and I just click from post to post. When I do read on the reader and I have to click to read more, I often skip it. However, you should do what makes you feel best. I’ll visit regardless.

  7. I so love that you have decided not to truncate. I read all my blogs through a google reader app on my phone. So clicking over on mobile is sooooo annoying and usually those blogs just get skipped. I think it’s great you have considered your readers here! I have asked other bloggers to consider not truncating because I wanted to continue reading them and i got some very rude responses. It’s so great you care for your readers and we readers can tell when bloggers are being genuine or not. kudos to you!!
    P.s. Even though I am in reader if I see something that catches my attention and I want to pin or comment, I will do it. it’s all about content vs just skipping your blog if it’s truncated. And people who like you enough tofollow or subscribe, are aware of the books even if they aren’t clicking over and seeing it on the sidebar. Thanks again for being so awesome!!

  8. No comments does make us feel vulnerable! I´ll comment and pin and forward as much as I can. I´ll have to be honest though… I´d read your posts with or without having to click on them, but that´s just me, I guess.

  9. I’m one the google reader, no comments, but LOVE your blog readers. I know, slap me on the wrist. I love comments too but I’ve become kinda lazy. And I have to admit, I’ve read a blog i really like a lot less when they truncated their posts in the reader, too lazy to click over. I promise to click over to your blog sometimes and leave comments.:) I really do enjoy your blog alot!

  10. After being of Pinterest for a while now I’ve cut back on reading blogs. A friend of mine was over the other night and was showing me some of her favorite blogs and I noticed a trend… they all had the “click to read more” and I didn’t care for it. So my vote is for full page viewing;)

  11. I prefer things as they are, and I love to pin! If I am ‘in town’ on your blog then I’d pin for sure! :)
    Enjoyable read by the way. I love that other people think too much too :)

  12. I like you just the way you are. :) Since having the baby, I spend more and more time surfing from my nook… and I haven’t figured out how to pin from there, and commenting is a pain. But, I promise to do more, because I really enjoy your blog and YOU! ;)

  13. I hardly ever blogs with the click to read more option. I love reading full posts in a continous fashion, likely because I read blogs on my netbook.

  14. I’m also part of the “hate to click to read” group … and I do get all my blogs as part of Google Reader. Here is another reason why I don’t like to physically visit blogs, especially ones who have ads on their blogs. It’s not b/c they’re trying to earn money — it’s because hackers can hack through those ads (and do!). I have gotten FOUR viruses so far from blogs who have ads(regular ads and BlogHer ads) — thankfully my antivirus picked up on it immediately and stopped it (one time, it didn’t though.. and my computer FRIED). Now, this also happens to companies websites as well, so anyone who uses ads are vulnerable, in my opinion.

    I also go to a blog from my reader if I want to pin things…. (although lately I need to stop pinning every single thing I see!)

  15. I don’t know how I missed your comment the other day about going to the shortened version, but let me just say-as I’m on of those “google readers”-that I quickly jumped over here to leave you a comment of THANKS for not going to the dreaded {see more…}. I probably have over 50 regular blogs that I try to catch up on daily-whether its home decor, photography, recipes, or money saving, I try my best to see whats going on with my favorite bloggers every day. I get excited seeing that number jump up on my google reader…I hate to admit it, but if those bloggers then switch over, I typically unsubscribe. I don’t have time, or the energy to then try to keep up…so with that, I will promise to try and visit more, to pin more, and leave more comments to show you plenty of love! Again, Thank You!!!!

  16. Tracy Wallace says:

    I’m a big Reader fan and also don’t like partial posts but I love your blog and your photos and will stay regardless.

    One thing I realized the other day is that I love looking at blogs and the design and the colour and layouts and that I was missing that with Reader, but I love that in one click i can see who has updated and what I want to read.

    All this to say that I will try to make more of a habit of clicking in general. I can’t wait to buy your books and am just figuring out pros/cons to a used DSLR (can’t afford a new one).

    So on that note….do you have a preference Nikon/Canon? If so, why? I know it’s a bit like a mac/pc question but maybe you could do a blog post on it and have people post in the comments. That would be helpful to some newbies like me and hey, more traffic to your blog.

    Tracy (in Canada)

  17. I love your blog. Your decorating with portraits series, plus your everyday stuff, have been some of my favorites in the blogosphere. I was pretty sad when I read your post about the partial feeds, wondering if that meant that I was just going to unsubscribe from you. When I read your last few posts and noticed that you hadn’t started doing it yet, I was encouraged. And then this post really made me smile :) Thanks for doing this. I’ll work on stopping by and saying hello more often! I’ll work on pinning more too. Thanks for your work you put into your blog. It is really fun.

  18. Kristen I love your blog! I use Google Reader and also wanted to recommend the “Next” button to your readers (that was mentioned by Suzanne in an earlier comment.) I use Google Reader to gather and update the list of blogs that I love to check in on. I saved the “Next” button on my Favorites bar (right next to my “Pin It” button.) After I read the first blog, I can click on “Next” and it will take me to the web page for the next blog on my list. I still get to see everyone’s beautiful web site and the “Next” button makes it really easy to move to the next blog on my list. Thank you for your blog, photography advice, and inspirational ideas!

  19. I didn’t even see your post about consolidating…how did I miss that?? I’m glad you’re not doing it, though! When Dana from Made did it, I deleted her from my reader, but ended up readding her. Now delia from delia creates switched, and I deleted her. I just have too many blogs to read without having to click over. I see why some bloggers do it, and I think they’ll be just fine without me. Don’t worry, I wouldn’t have deleted you. :)

  20. I will definitely come visit once in a while. I have been following your blog for the past few months and love your photography and the fun things you have to say. I only wish that I lived in Texas so that you could take our family pictures. I would also love to take one of your classes, maybe one of these days the stars will align. Keep up the good work!

  21. Catherine says:

    I get notifications via email, and the link brings me straight here to your blog. I visit quite frequently! Absolutely loved the decorating with portraits series, and I adore getting to see the photos you take. ~Inspired!~

  22. I am a google reader…HOWEVER I don’t read my blogs in google reader because I like to see everything that your blog (along with others) has to share. I like the convience of seeing what’s new on google reader but then I always click over to the blog (unless I am dying to read something and am on my phone!)

    I will happily pin things for you :)

  23. Jenny Whiting says:

    Thanks for making that decision! It’s a deal! I was also going to comment the other day that I really don’t like the truncated posts some people do. I also usually read blogs on my Reader app on my phone while nursing my baby and it doesn’t work well to click over. But I love your blog and I love you (just think you are really awesome and so real!) and I’ll definitely still come over to your blog often. I also wish I had time to comment more often, will try to do that. I loved your post a while back on “intentional mothering” and I think of what you wrote often. Thanks!

  24. I love your silly pics, and all your hints and tips, just letting you know, but my favourite of all, the one that keeps me coming back over and over again is the decorating with protraits bits. But I will happily “pin” stuff from now on if it helps!

  25. I have to admit I have unsubscribed from a couple of blogs because they had trunkated posts and the content wasn’t interesting enough to me to bother. That being said I read several that I do consider worthy of clicking over – you would fall into that second category! It is difficult to find a balance – I recently put ads on my site and I hope readers don’t find it cluttered.

  26. I have noticed a general decline in the commenting department over the last year or so…I have to admit I am lazy about it most days but you are right, the validation that people are actually reading is nice!

  27. Jacqueline says:

    I appreciate your transparancy!
    I don’t do the Google Reader thing, so I come and take a peek here every day or so anyway.
    Will try to remember to pin stuff a little more often. The things I usually pin are decorating ideas, recipes, and photography tips, in case it’s useful to you to know that.

  28. I read using Google Reader but due to the magic of the Next button I am reading your actual blog not just your feed on Reader. So I guess for me it doesn’t matter. More people should discover the greatness that is the Next button :)

  29. Long time reader/follower, first time commenter…love your blog and your work and SO appreciate the non-condensed posts!! :)

  30. I’ve sent a number of friends the link to your book(s). :)

  31. I have to admit that I am guilty of reading in Google Reader and never commenting. I read my favorite blogs at night while putting my baby to bed. It keeps me awake, and instead of dreading that time, I look forward to the closeness with baby and the downtime to read and be inspired. I love your blog, I do not even remember how I came across it but I was hooked immediately. :D I would be very sad if you switched to condensed posts because I often don’t get around to opening them. I promise to try and make a bigger effort to comment more often and to spread the word. :D

  32. Elizabeth says:

    I have been a reader of your blog for quite some time. I read it through google reader and hate the blogs that I follow that force me to go to their site (although I still follow them anyways…). The funny thing, though, is I read this post AFTER I read the post on merging multiple images (that I pinned on my pinterest). I have also pinned several of your decorating with portraits series. So you don’t even have to ask…I’ll continue pinning:)

  33. Danielle says:

    I am so thankful that you did not go to a condensed version of your blog. I love to be able to scroll through blogs and unfortunately when I have to click on the actual posts, I tend to just skip it. So thank you for listening to your gut:)

  34. Danielle says: