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It’s Christmastime, who wants a present???

Hooray, I love this time of Year! I just mailed out all my Christmas cards yesterday. I have about 150 on my list, I just can’t seem to cut anyone. I mail to jr. high friends, high school friends (and their parents), college friends (and their parents), relatives, friends in other states, some local friends, I just love sending AND recieveing cards. I make a wall of fame on a door, and just smile as I walk by my friends smiling back at me.

I decided not to do any photography sessions the entire month of December, to just relax and enjoy. I am finishing up orders and delivering them. However tomorrow, I am sneaking one in for my dear neighbor who does SO much for me! She is the one ask when I need an egg, a cup of sugar, can of pineapples, whatever. So I had to bend just a little for her.

Just for fun, I wanted to send out a little holiday treat to someone out there in blogland. I’ve been making these batches like crazy of my FAVORITE holiday munchy. I am going to mail a package (along with my favorite ornament, silver bells) to one lucky blog poster. I see my stats, I’ve got people from all over peeking here, and I so want to hear from you! And I WILL ship overseas, so post in my comments section (and give me a state or city or country, too) and I’ll draw a winner on Wednesday, December 17th in the evening.

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  1. Hello! I think you know my location, but I thought I’d chime in anyway just to remind you that I’m still here listening :)

  2. That sounds delicious! I saw this recipe you posted, and want to try it sometime. I love silver bells, too – they were part of my floral arrangement :)
    My location is nomadic, this time of year :) But I think you know it. It’ll be D.C. and California this year.

  3. Yummy treat! Dec. 17th is my birthday so I’m a shoe-in for a treat. Right??

    I love the lengths you went to get your lovely red dots back on your map. I’m not looking forward to when they update mine.

  4. Mmmm, that looks delicious. I stalk your blog from Michigan.
    Jessica P.

  5. I hail from Tennessee, love your photography!

  6. c m kynaston says:

    I am amazed you have the time for this! We’re moving tomorrow (closer to boise), so I can’t imagine actually even HAVING a real Christmas, much less doing a kind random deed. Merry Christmas Kristen from Idaho.

  7. sniff sniff, i just barely saw your post for the drawing.

  8. Julie Cook Portraits says:

    Cute contest. I dont bake or cook at all…so I had a contest too to try and GET yummy treats…LOL THe silver bells are my fav too. Hope your holidays were great.