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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas….

All of my sessions are now completed, most delivered, with just ONE more order I’m waiting on….feels SO good!  I just wanted to share some images from treats I’ve made, decor around my home, and how we are bringing in the holiday around the Duke home. 

First…cutting down our Christmas tree.  The years we are home, we go to a farm about 45 minutes away and cut them down ourselves.  I never did this growing up.  We always had a fake tree, but I’m glad my hubby introduced this fun tradition into our family.  I usually have the kids dress “Christmasy” but I let go…this is them as they were that day.  Check out the style of my oldest daughter….all by herself.  I’ll next post inside our home, how the tree looks all fanci-fied.

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  1. LOL…it looks like the girls had had enough! =)

  2. So jealous! My four year old thinks that is what people are SUPPOSED to do…not buy them at a store and she was insistant for weeks that we go chop down the tree…she let it go now that the tree is up:)

  3. going to cut down the xmas tree in shorts! now, that’s xmas texas style :) it’s like 14 degrees here!

  4. I love the pictures of your older daughter. Shee looks like she is full of fun personality! Love it!

  5. Whoa, look at Mikey’s beard! So fun! That lighting was amazing

  6. SO FUN!

  7. I’m loving A’s outfit choice! something my own girl would’ve picked out:) great post!

  8. We bought a fake tree this year–used to go to the forest and chop one down for $5 every year in WA. I can’t pay $40 or more for a live tree in TX, so we went fake. It’s killing the kids! They miss the smell.


  1. […] I have the kids dress in “Christmas colors” for optimal picture taking experience. Not this time, we were a grab bag. Can you tell how warm it is in Texas in December? I think one year it was […]