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Individual Serving Strawberry Lemonade

Please welcome my friend and contributor, Jes, with a sweet spring treat to share today!

Hello! I am Jes from Mommy Envy and I am sharing one of my little indulgences with you today!

Strawberry Lemonade.jpg

I posted on Facebook not too long ago that I would really love to sip lemonade from a mason jar and sit outside in the sun reading a good book.  Many of the responses were “you will have time for that when the kids are grown and gone.” When strawberries went on sale this week I was determined to to at least get the lemonade.  The sunbathing and reading could wait.

I absolutely love lemonade!  My favorite is asking for mango lemonade at Chili’s.  After getting my wisdom teeth removed, my mom took us to Chili’s.  Of course I couldn’t eat anything so the waiter said he would make me something special.

Making an entire pitcher of lemonade seemed a little much.  I am sure I could have finished it, but technically I am allergic  to strawberries. I know! Sad day!  So I needed to create an individual serving size and this is what I came up with!

What you will need:

5-7 Strawberries

Juice of 1 lemon

1 can of Sprite, Twist up, or any lemon-lime type soda

Directions: I put the strawberries and lemon juice in my Blendtec and juiced them.  Next, pour in your soda and you’re done!

The last step is to sit back, relax and enjoy! The strawberry lemonade comes out a little frothy but pour over ice it is so good! I used a diet lemon lime soda (because that’s what I had) and it still tasted great!

What are your little indulgences?

And since we’re all ready for spring and summer here’s a little Strawberry and Lemon image you can print off for yourself!

Strawberries and Lemon Print

Jessica Humrich
Hello! I am Jes and I am a lifestyle blogger and photographer. I am really trying to not let mommy envy get me down by applying the cheese theory to every aspect of my life. What's the cheese theory?
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Jessica Humrich
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  2. mmmmm I need some of this too!
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